>quickly quickly!

>i only have minutes to spare, to type this entry. I’m in a big rush and its due to Physics. Don’t take Physics. Ever. Even when I teach it. Gah. Jen Bongster told me earlier this one phrase- “Its good to try/do your best in everything, but its not necessary to be passionate about everything.”…

>My last post before the year comes to an end

>Sigh, as I sit here at my desk at 3:01AM the last day fo 2007, I can’t help but think my year has been nothing but disappointments. Lets begin my complaints, and subsequent modes of action to right my wrongs, shall we? 1) I miss my kids a lot. Serious “a lot”. I have never…

>The nokia n82 in black/its time to celebrate the holidays

> The gloriousness that the N82 should have been released under is here. In black. Its hot and it has functions that make the hot hotter and grammar irrelevant. Expected to arrive in February 2008, Q1 of 2008 as predicted. That is so so awesome. Anyways, I have no officially organized Jennifer Bong’s second party….

>oh confusion and lethargy strikes me

> hahahhahhahaha what the eff? Anyways, what is happening these days? Well Jennifer Bong’s birthday turned out to be a big disaster. But thats ok, because friends came out anyways and we had a good old time. I could rant and stuff, but I’ve decided to curb that bitter taste and talk about other things….

>Christmas is coming! Yes! Yes!Yes!

>Ok, so it snowed today. Pretty fricking sweet, but then I came to the realization that my weekend study outings to Second Cup may be trashed, because I’m already shaking in my shoes from the cold and its like -3 degrees outside. I really think I am a winter person. For realz. Whatever. Hello toboggan!!!…

>My Love Affair is Over

>For years I have been a sinner. And frozen fruit punch has been my sin. Equal to the amount of sugar in Coca Cola and all other soft drinks I swore off months ago successfully, I have always had a sweet spot for frozen punch. It’s delicious, fast and easy to make, and the darn…

>This is incredibly hard

>I don’t know what’s worse. Feeling tired or feeling like crap. This whole getting cut thing is just not working. Its so hard to not eat certain things. I do not have a penchant for obviously bad things like cookies, candy or chocolate, which seem to be the bane for most people on a diet….

>I can do this myself, thank you.

>I am sick of this. I’m not going to complain about this anymore. When it hits you, I hope it hits you hard. In other news- 1720 calories/day is what I should be eating now. If I am 148 lbs, and I want to get ripped, I have to watch everything I eat from now…


>SON OF A…….i was about to email everyone about wings again this wed, but then i remembered my diet. so much for a social life. great.

>First Day of School…Getting Ready for School

> Well the first day of classes was incredibly boring and long. Some of my classes are 2 hrs straight and others 2 and a half hours. Lovely. I just realized that in the next month or so, they will be trying to cram as much information as possible in my brain in hopes that…