>First Day of School…Getting Ready for School


Well the first day of classes was incredibly boring and long. Some of my classes are 2 hrs straight and others 2 and a half hours. Lovely. I just realized that in the next month or so, they will be trying to cram as much information as possible in my brain in hopes that I will be ready for student teaching. On a funny note, I was picked to be jim the resident dumbass in a child’s story we had to do in my Educational Psychology class. After playing Jim’s role out, I suddenly had a bunch of girls talk to me about Jim. In an elevator. And then some more in my next class when they kept recognizing me. Apparently being named Jim is the way to grab their interest and not being named Ellis. Lovely. I’m going to be a nun I swear.

Maybe calling your son Ellis is not a good idea. Remember that folks.

You should call them something like The Devastator. Or the Italian Stallion.

Anyways I signed up for this bowling thing, which is interesting because I’m about as good with bowling as I am with skating, which frankly is that I suck. But whatever, tis all in good fun. Except in this case, fun is a metaphor for losing. Badly.

And what else happened today? I decided tomorrow is when I start my diet, and my official New Year’s resolution to get down to 144 by February 1. Which I highly doubt is possible, but whatever. I start dieting officially tomorrow, and will document my weight weekly and what I eat daily, such that I will inherently feel guilty about eating too much rice. Its not the junk food that gets me, I never eat a lot of that stuff anyways. It’s the amount of carbs I eat, ie rice. I will also cut back on meat, and focus on vegetables, which reminds me I have a bag of carrots hidden in my room from December finals time , somewhere in my room. Which is frankly disgusting. I hope my mother doesn’t find it. That would be hilarious actually. She randomly cleans my room when I tell her not to. Especially coming from somebody who so dedicates his time/effort into making his room, his own, having his mother come in and reorganize everything is both annoying and embarrassing. Lovely.

Anyways tomorrow I officially can start working out, since I have concluded there are no problems from the accident that happened almost exactly one week ago to this time. Great. I’m going to get cut. Like my idol. Rocky. Except here is Ivan Drago, the Siberian Bull, the meanest motherfu#$er from Russia. I love Rocky IV.

Peace out. I gotta hit the bed early, class at 930am tm. woot.

Here is my new schedule I will now follow to a T.

Workout schedule:


12 reps alternating arms – Standing curls

8 reps X 2 (for both arms) – sitting curls

30 reps- arm reverse pushups on bench? (ha ha let me look for the definition of this one)

Repeat above 8 times. On the last 4 sets, add to own discretion.

I like to add 2 more reps after each set after the 5th set.

Ie the last set I end up doing 20 alternating reps, 15 sitting reps and 50 reverse arm pushups.

Tuesday Chest

55lbs dumbbell per arm (110lb) 8 reps X2

50lbs dumbbell per arm (100 lbs) 10 reps X2

45 lbs dumbbell per am (90 lbs) 12 reps X2

40lbs dumbbells per arm (80lbs) 15 reps and then 20-25 reps last set pending how good I am that day

So in all 8 sets.

Wednesday triceps

10 reps 45-50lbs overhead tricep extension

10 reps 15 lb tricep extension

30 reverse arm pushups- 50 at last set

Repeat above 8 times (add reps at end till exhaustion)

Thursday shoulders

8 reps single shoulder military press X2 (for both arms)

8 crossover lifts (X2 for both arms)

8 reps single leg squat with 35 lb weight

Do 8 sets of the above, add reps till exhaustion

Friday Core

Roman dumbbell lifts X20 reps (70-80lbs)

Side extensions X20(45 lbs)

Repeat all for 8 sets.


35 lbs per arm (x30 reps)

Repeat 8 sets.

Sunday- Shoulders

8 reps single shoulder military press X2 (for both arms)

8 crossover lifts (X2 for both arms)

8 reps single leg squat with 35 lb weight

Cardio 1HR run everyday except weekends.

Add 2 sets of stairs at end till exhaustion.

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  1. starbender says:

    >I didn’t know JIM was such a Macho Name! C~I learn something new everyday!Best of Luck with the teaching!:)

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