>My Love Affair is Over

>For years I have been a sinner. And frozen fruit punch has been my sin. Equal to the amount of sugar in Coca Cola and all other soft drinks I swore off months ago successfully, I have always had a sweet spot for frozen punch. It’s delicious, fast and easy to make, and the darn things come in so many flavors. Unfortunately, just like pop, and anything else laden with sugar, all of it will go to my fat deposit if I do not burn it off fast. And like everytime I drink fruit punch, its never for energy. Its always for a quick sugar fix.

Today I had turkey, cranberry sauce,,gravy, ketchup, and Kraft dinner, for both lunch and supper. And fruit punch. Already a disgustingly DELICIOUS and fat meal, the fruit punch only serves to make it worse. And after doing my run today, its absolutely ruining the point of working out. It left this aftertaste in my mouth that’s less than pleasurable. Mostly revolting.

The good news is that I can still drink juice as long as its 100% juice and not from concentrate. There’s something about natural sugars being okay. I cant remember why though. So orange juice is still my good friend. I said I was going to write down everything I eat everyday, but I still havent done that. Apparently this really helps you become concious of what you are jamming into your body, so maybe I will start that. But for now, lets focus on the fruit punch.

So like soft drinks, I shall now swear off frozen punch.

My family can finish my horde of fruit punch in the freezer.


I didn’t think I could do this ever. It wasn’t just the fact that I actually don’t know how much I have been running this summer, and whether I was physically capable of running it. It was more of the fact that I have never ran with other people since like ever. Like running with Jia was like 2 times in 1st year. And I sucked. This term I ran with Vanessa and Doris once, and I guess that sort of helped me. The fact that running with another person did not scare me off was awesome. So thanks to those two for getting the initial qualms out of me.

Still the big thing was that I was running with a bajillion people. As noted before, when I see people on the track, my natural tendency is to try to pass them. This I knew I could not do, especially with so many dedicated runners. So that was sort of a bummer the intial 15 minutes as I knew there was no way I could keep up with them.

And then the feces really hit the fan when we started going down. I think I should have mapped out the race before doing the race, as I actually panicked about this part, especially in remembrance to the uphill journey on our 8 hr hike at Banff. After the circle around Hawrelak Park, where I put my everything to keep up and pass “girl in green” and then I hit the hill.

The thing that got me up the hill was all the people who had stopped and were walking. I didn’t want to do that, so I was like “pwn!” and booked it. That was hard, cause I didn’t want to look up because the darn hill top looked so far away. To be honest that was a really big surprise to me, hitting that hill, it was all I could think about in Hawrelak, wondering if it was going to be a really long ascent or short and very steep.

Also I didn’t know that you could throw away your cup on the ground after drinking. I held that darn cup the whole half of the race, and I spilled most of the water when I grabbed it to begin with.

So in the end when I hit the last stretch it was really my happiness from all of summer. There is NO chance I could have done this before. What I called running in high school was pure BS. The fact that I finished this race, didn’t stop and wasn’t last was a huge accomplishment for me. So I booked it, and passing all the walkers and 8kers was another “pwn!” moment. Seriously thank goodness for the Rock n’Roll Soldiers. They kept my stride strong for the last 5 minutes.

And then when I saw the finish line, it was huge. Like really awesome. I’m so happy I finished this.

In other news, I have midterms next week and am studying in between every two pages and a set. I really wanted to go for bubble tea, I’m sorry! These little hangouts really help me get through the school year. But right now I am crapping my pants and wondering how my Biology prof is going to test me, with such sparse and brief notes the course provides.

As well, that new Killers song, “when you were young” is pretty sweet. Also, AFI is officially my fav band of the moment. I love that dudes hair. I sort of want to dye my hair like all the emo kids out there on Whyte ave, but being Chinese, I will a) look like a dick, b) I would get evicted. Sort of when I wanted to bleach my whole head.

What else? Studying at Second Cup has been quite useful, and I’ve made some progress with my midterm preparation, though not nearly where I would like to be at right now.

I ran outside today, which is probably going to be one of the last times this year. How sad. All of summer I’ve associated fun with being outside, and now winter is ruining it. I love Christmas though. CHRISTMAS IS COMING. Yeah! I can’t wait.

And crap, I forgot to feed my fish. I should do that. He looks very hungry. I actually don’t know if it’s a he or not, but he looks pretty damn testosterone filled with his jerk like tendencies. Anyways I’m out.

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