Birthday weekend, summer bland and what now?

In other news, I’m pretty bored- I am not lacking things to do- I have tons, I just kind of miss the constant learning that spring term was putting on me. Every day having assigned readings, seeing friends in class….I’m addicted to school. I just found it really stimulating to be in the classroom all…

>i hate hate hate genetics.

>Just did my Genetics midterm today. it was as hard as it was when i withdrew from that course 3 years ago. Mind you I studied properly for it this time, as its an application type course and when I did it 3 years ago, I did ZERO practice problems. Stupid of me. Anyways this…


> love it. too bad its 180 bucks at coast mountain sports. omg. one day i will have you. like now. its got such a sweet opening, and its meant to be used as a 2-3 day backpack, so it can carry lots. i love backpacks. but this is pushing the limit to what i…

>I miss you

> Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped shape me into who I am today. I’ve taken for granted what a blessing it was to have such a good friend always there for me all year/all the time. You’ve made my university life manageable, happy, fun, exciting, and slightly silly….

>gah sales!

> Oooooh look its the new Macbook Air, the world’s thinnest laptop. Unlike before, I do not feel like I have a huge inclination to buy a new Apple product. Usually I watch MacWorld and scream in delight at the new iPod, iPhone, iWhatever and get super excited. But this is like cool. No doubt….

>The nokia n82 in black/its time to celebrate the holidays

> The gloriousness that the N82 should have been released under is here. In black. Its hot and it has functions that make the hot hotter and grammar irrelevant. Expected to arrive in February 2008, Q1 of 2008 as predicted. That is so so awesome. Anyways, I have no officially organized Jennifer Bong’s second party….