>My last post before the year comes to an end

>Sigh, as I sit here at my desk at 3:01AM the last day fo 2007, I can’t help but think my year has been nothing but disappointments. Lets begin my complaints, and subsequent modes of action to right my wrongs, shall we?

1) I miss my kids a lot. Serious “a lot”. I have never felt so unsocial, hidden in my life than now. Sure this year wasn’t much different than most years, I spent a lot of time studying and I did fine in school. But I didn’t spend time with my kids. I miss them.

2)I feel like I have been way too materialistic. I have been wasting too many resources, focusing on material goods, going out, etc. I have been living a carefree casual spending life. It disgusts me. I feel no satisfaction in all the waste. How much joy does material bring to oneself? Maybe like 5 minutes. And on top of that, a lot of it goes to stuff that is retardedly stupid.

3)Fat. I feel fat. This is the year that I gain control of my weight for good. I don’t care how bad school gets, there has to be a way I can gain control of my chub. Sure it might not be anything major to worry about, even superficial to be so concerned with my weight, but the fact that I still have fat all over is disgusting to me. This year I am determined to not only make progress with weights like last year, but also lead a balanced diet. If I can lose ten pounds I know I would be a lot happier with my body. Its not just weights. Its the damn diet. I can’t eat sugar. Starting now. Now thats difficult to define, since almost everything has sugar in it. But lets say anything that has refined sugar. I’m not cutting fruits.

4)there are probably more things that I could write about, but I’m feeling fat, I’m goign to go workout.

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