April Updates

We went down to Calgary for the Easter long weekend to visit some grad school friends- it was a nice trip for the fam, as it had been awhile since the last vacay. Couple of good pieces from the trip- our Honda didn’t die on the road, which was a plus- I am fairly certain…

these are my confessions

Yup haven’t blogged in a month now, its been a hella long time. Been pretty busy around the clock in work and parenting but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Recent embarkment to the science center at Telus- watched a video on stars, particularly about the sun in this gnarly dome theater. Pretty neat….

going around town

Hitting up lower back right after chest day at the gym. Pretty solid chest day overall, felt solid throughout and didn’t have major wrist problems.  Feels good to do it up without any time restrictions like I have on weekdays. The deadlift was powered by a 4 shot java chip frapp. Probably 500000 calories. Back…

out and about

  H is having a heck of a time hitting everyone and everyone. She has hit her grandmother, her mother, her father, her grandfather, other children, her cousins…lots of limit setting. Today I got to see the Sony RX series at McBain Camera- it was pretty awesome, and I am super psyched because I have…

fall so far, everything is flying by

Man so here goes another long dry stretch of no blogging. What have I been up to lately? Its been a good month or so into fall so far- the leaves are now mostly gross brown or missing. Snow has hit the city in sporadic pieces and the wonderful heat of summer is mostly gone….