>oh confusion and lethargy strikes me


hahahhahhahaha what the eff?

Anyways, what is happening these days? Well Jennifer Bong’s birthday turned out to be a big disaster. But thats ok, because friends came out anyways and we had a good old time. I could rant and stuff, but I’ve decided to curb that bitter taste and talk about other things. Like how I’m really confused about this issue of lethargy.

I feel really really fat. I havent worked out for a few days now, and its all cause of this stupid cold. I wish it would go away. I feel useless. I could of course work on my thesis, but thats not how a procrastinator works. Which is something that is worrying me. I have a meet with the prof on January 3rd. I need something finished to show her. We’ll see.

And in other news, I didn’t bomb Ent 427! I lost my place top of the class, but considering how hard the final was and how much I studied for it, it would have killed me to see me drop in an Entomology class. I literally stopped studying everything else and just studied Ent 427 for almost a week straight. And it was still friggin insane. I can’t believe how much information was in that course. Of course I took it out of the need for learning taxonomy (gasp! taking a course to learn something and not to fufill a stupid calendar requirement like Cmput). Anyways, I learned what I wanted. I have a slight base to look at species in Western Canada. Not much obviously, but at least I can see families and recognize major ones.

Anyways what else is new? Not much. Boxing day blew ass, there wasn’t anything to really gape at. Family came over for Christmas, and my fave uncle was here to have some good times with.

Anyways I’m out. Have a Happy Almost New Year!

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