>quickly quickly!

>i only have minutes to spare, to type this entry. I’m in a big rush and its due to Physics. Don’t take Physics. Ever. Even when I teach it. Gah.

Jen Bongster told me earlier this one phrase- “Its good to try/do your best in everything, but its not necessary to be passionate about everything.”

I’m trying to take that into consideration. This year may prove to be my failing ground. Genetics should be ok. My 499 research project should be ok. But Quantum Mechanics screams dirty curses at me every time I open my textbook. Despite all my effort, it might be a black cloud indeed.

What happens should not affect me dearly int he future. Very few School Boards or Entomology departments higher potential teachers/graduate students based on their ability to comprehend quantum crapanics. Its just personal where it really hurts. I just need to let go of the notion that I need to ace absolutely everything or I am a failure.

Anyways, I also just ate some Thai cashews. a)it tastes sweet then suddenly burning b) the ingredients are cashews, sugar, butter salt, cayenne pepper and soya oil.

Cayenne pepper? Wtf were they thinking? Cayenne pepper and sugar? gah!

And yes thats three times this week I’ve had sugar. I had a cookie bit today as well as cashews from stupid recipe land, and like sugar all weekend. Thats more than three. Gah! Its ok, I liked what I ate all like 90 times I broke my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m also breaking my eight o clock curfew for eating. I hear there’s tasty soup downstairs.


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