>gah sales!


Oooooh look its the new Macbook Air, the world’s thinnest laptop. Unlike before, I do not feel like I have a huge inclination to buy a new Apple product. Usually I watch MacWorld and scream in delight at the new iPod, iPhone, iWhatever and get super excited. But this is like cool. No doubt. Thinner than the Sony x505 series? That’s hot. But at 1900 cdn, its pushing the limit to how much I will drop on something exciting. A comparable IBM Thinkpad x60, although noticeably uglier, is hardly a crappy product, boasting the best build quality/keyboard out of any ultraportable, and yet goes for 900ish on sale. 900 for a thinner laptop? No thanks.

Anyways, today I snagged two sweaters I really liked at blnts.com. They have a buy one get one free sale on clearance items and my sweaters went on more sale action, ending with them being about 8 bucks each with shipping. But then I went home and theres more sweaters on sale for that much. And I wouldnt have had to pay double shipping if I bought them all at the same time. Fortunately my common sense points to my closet and shows how much I hate half zip sweaters or non zip. I get hot easy and I like to take my clothes off (haha get your mind out the gutter). Full zips are easiest to flip off with your jacket on too. Half zips and non zips require more effort, hence I don’t wear my favorite stripey sweaters that much. So maybe its a good thing I’m not wasting my money. Its a wicked deal, but probably a total waste. I need to watch what I purchase better. If I don’t need it, I shouldn’t buy it, even if its hella cheap.

I hope my shopping woes are the biggest problems I have this semester. haha yeah right. I dropped my quantum mechanics and enrolled into some Astro action. Today’s physics went right over my head and half the class (4 out of 9 total) got together to bitch and complain and I decided this class was not right, especially since I spent a whole class wondering when the drop date was. An honors physics student, with a large background in phys/math said this class delved into like 8-9 other classes in the material covered so far, hardly the two pre-reqs he said it merely required. Gah.

Anyways. I’m out, gotta read some papers. Grody.

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