Birthday weekend, summer bland and what now?

In other news, I’m pretty bored- I am not lacking things to do- I have tons, I just kind of miss the constant learning that spring term was putting on me. Every day having assigned readings, seeing friends in class….I’m addicted to school. I just found it really stimulating to be in the classroom all the time. Oh well. I’m concentrating on doing 3 sets of stairs every day to try to boost my cardio and drop some inches. I did wind sprints the other day on the stairs and blew my will to live- it was ridiculously painful. I am determined to get back my running form and get in good shape. There’s no excuse for it other than me loving fatty meats too much. I’m genuinely surprised at how bad my stamina is- I thought gunning down huge legs would help me with running, but I guess that only added more weight for me to carry in my runs.

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