>i hate hate hate genetics.

>Just did my Genetics midterm today. it was as hard as it was when i withdrew from that course 3 years ago. Mind you I studied properly for it this time, as its an application type course and when I did it 3 years ago, I did ZERO practice problems. Stupid of me. Anyways this time, I did them, and I panicked on the exam. It was an easy exam, but I freaked out. There was a question I didn’t recognize and I went to anxiety attack. Sigh.

The cool thing is that I went to the Education office after to talk about their Masters programs. Interestingly a few things came up. You first must do at least a year of teaching before doing one. Well the one I want to do is Elementary Ed, so its a curriculum based Masters. That makes sense. Anyways the next thing was that the minimum GPA was a 3.0 to get in, a ridiculously low number, especially given its the last 60 credits. So basically these courses I’m potentially going to get destroyed in, will not be a big deal. Next, Physical sciences teachers are hot on the market, a nice reassurance, since I keep hearing about no jobs.GAH! And finally the kicker, male elementary teachers are high in demand as well, esp with my background. yay! I’m excited. I might be teaching a year from now!

Next live pictures of the black Nokia N82. I am excited. Yaya! Also today is Valentine’s Day. Yaya!

Anyways I’m going to go sleep. Good night.

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