fall so far, everything is flying by

Man so here goes another long dry stretch of no blogging. What have I been up to lately? Its been a good month or so into fall so far- the leaves are now mostly gross brown or missing. Snow has hit the city in sporadic pieces and the wonderful heat of summer is mostly gone. The temperatures are mostly warm enough though, so its not bitterly awful. I really was surprised how quickly beautiful autumn leaves disappeared and were replaced with the bland grey and brown moods. I’m not one to really get hit by seasonal changes but this season was different. I feel totally unengaged!


I’ve really found Thursday nights pretty awesome with W and his gf. I work double days on Wed and Thurs, so by that time I’m totally disengaged for any kind of strenuous activity. W has been coming over for night workouts – we’ve been mostly covering muscle groups that I need to be max pumped about to get into- i.e. lower back day- I can’t get into deadlifts without like nine red bulls. So that’s been really awesome to look forward to – even though I’m exhausted at the end of the day, its really awesome to have a partner push you in the gym, and really to have some good company. Its been a blast- its like a mini weekend before the weekend. We had national Sub day here- buy one get one free. I had premium turkey and it was really bleh. The Chicken Pizziola was dynamite though. This was post legs workout, with a finisher being chair squats against the wall after we wrapped up lunges, leg press, and squats.



This was mostly disgusting- 3 plates of Cactus Cut Nachos with perogy/regular/regular nachos. Way too much nachos. It all tasted the same in the end. On the other hand, Earls was really awesome- really enjoyed the Sante Fe Chicken Salad. Also got to try Tuna Poke, but wasn’t impressed with it. The Maki roll was actually really good, particularly considering that it was at Earls and not a Japanese restaurant.


We had our grand opening with cupcakes. They were delish. I’ve murdered a lot of cupcakes this season- these were pumpkin spiced flavored.



I’ve been using our staff fitness room the last week since it finally freaking opened and its been kind of nice. Did biceps and a run so far. We are even getting a barbell rack so I can do barbell bench press. That’s exciting. We have WiFi here so I can do my Netflix/Cardio combo. I’m still not sure about showering  here, but it would be nice so I can workout and then see clients. Its not really engaging without other people in the gym, and its been pretty dead so far. Its kind of fun for me to use a public gym locker room again, even if its just a tiny one. Lots of memories hitting up the university gym locker room.


Winter came fast and out of nowhere for me. Had a lot of cancellations from people stuck on the roads from accidents.



Went to Hide and Seek playgroudn for my niece’s bday. It was kind of like going to Dicovery Zone when I was a kid. The sldies were actually really insane, even for adults. It was a lot of fun for the kids, but a little overwhelming with all the families crammed into the party room. I’m not a fan of cramped spaces with a ton of people. This would actually be a really fun place for hide and seek, but not until H is a little older. I wish I brought my action cam- this was not a safe place for my a6000 and camcorder- lots of places where they would have broke, and they got in the way of exploring the playground. The Action Cam is good for kid stuff too and not just sports stuff.


Having lunch at City Market- the curry was ok- coconut and butter chicken. The pizza was better.

Speaking of weekends, I’m honestly super surprised how much I am TGIFing it these days. I’m so so so ready for the weekend- I do think I am putting some good hours in at work, and the clients I have been working with are exhausting at times. Sometimes they are absolutely satisfying. And sometimes, I am frustrated at the lack of progress and just feel defeated. It honestly comes in waves- some weeks I feel like I’m riding cloud nine and everyone is seeing massive changes in their lives. It feels completely awesome to me to feel that I am an agent of change in their lives. And then there are weeks where every case just flat out sucks- I can’t explain why things are not working, and its just so so so frustrating. The good thing is that I have amazing colleagues and supervisors to bank cases with- even if its just to vent. I’m so so happy that I have such a lovely team to work with me in public and private. Anyways, the point is that the weeks FLY by ridiculously fast for me- I still remember the first time feeling TGIF when our new center opened up…and now its been nearly two months. Geeze. I think time flies now that I don’t have time to think about it- every instance is jam packed with stuff.

dsc08709dsc08655That jam packed stuff is probably also because of my little girl. H has been an absolute blessing- I really wish I blogged more about her milestones- since coming back from Toronto, I’ve noticed a few big things. First, her head is substantially more stable than 10 months ago where I was worried it would just roll right off- as a result she seems to be just as comfortable being on her belly as she is on her back. That was a really neat thing to see- before, her head would just slam back in the ground afte rlooking up and then I would poop my pants worried about brain injuries. She’s also rolling around just fine- so fine in fact that I cannot change a diaper smoothly anymore. She just rolls around trying to get back on her belly so she can crawl away. Her crawling is soemthing special to me- she was initialyl going backwards and getting confused with why everything she wanted to get closer was in fact getting further. Now she is coordinating her legs a little better and while wobbly (like her neck muscles initially), she is moving forward now. I tend to scoop her up more often than not to prevent catastrophe. Her sitting is much much better and now I feel pretty comfortable with her sitting upright unassisted…with blankets piled everywhere- I’m a helicopter parent really haha. The one that has really blown up the last week is standing- she is grabbing the railing and getting on to her feet and yelling at us in our sleep. I’m pretty excited seeing all of these come out. Also we bought a giant TIE Figter First Order for their 8 inch black series collection. Its pretty dope- it seats two pilots- one of them is a gunner. Its also bigger than my child.


I realize that I like the rice bowls at Nmiya much more than their ramen bowls- the crab meat and salmon roe bowl is particularly dynamite. I also got to meet the son of the owners and we ended up going to the same high school! That was kind of neat. He was telling me in their other restaurant, which is a Western Chinese food place, they go through about 750KG of Ginger Beef every week. WOWZA. That’s a lot.


We tried out Route 99 diner and it was ok- nothing particularly memorable to me TBH. I had steak and eggs and W had pancakes and omellette. Fairly forgettable….like my own home cooking. The atmosphere and the service was great though, so I am kind of conflicted haha.


Our first thanksgiving as a family went well! We had ham and turkey. I prepped the turkey so hard here- followed a recipe and all that jazz….and it tasted like turkey. The skin had a nice falvor but the meat was pretty much the same as any other turkey I have had. So that was a little disappointing. The ham was dynamite though, and easily pooped all over my turkey in flavor.


We went to ItAll for all you can eat Japanese/Korean….and it was only Korean. They halved the price and got rid of all the Japanese food. That was super disappointing. I don’t think I need all you can eat BiBimBap. I probably won’t go back again. I’m not sure why its so dead in here- the food isn’t really bad, the price is ok. I’m guessing the location isn’t great. Its kind of sketch outside the restaurant at night.

dsc08726Fall colors looking really great outside university campus and the river valley.

dsc_1958dim sum for lunch.


I’ve managed to make a number of new additions to my Sony collection. The Vaio X was Sony’s follow up to their mind blwing X505. Beating the Macbook Air by nearly 5 years to something incredibly thin, the X505 was Sony’s ultimate status symbol in their technological know how. Reading the design history of the X in Sony’s archives, it was really neat to see how the engineers tried to overcome their challenges they faced intially with the X505 with the new successor. While its largely irrelevant in todays world of computing (the current Macbook has a larger screen, weighs just .4 lbs more but has a substantially better screen/CPU, as does Sony’s own Vaio Pro 11), it was pretty insane for its time- just really limited by the thermal efficiencies of contemporary CPU architecture- instead of a ULV i5 or Core M in the Vaio Pro 11 and Macbook, it had a Intel Atom…single core. So not that impressive speed wise- even with an SSD, it chokes on a lot of basic tasks. Still, its 1.4 lb weight feels just absolutely insane. I’ll be excited to review this later. I also managed to get two standard batteries in the mail (mine only came witht he extended battery) and both were completely brand new with zero wear. so awesome! For whatever reason, after I did a few updates, Windows 10 Anniversary edition is just zipping along nicely on this single core Atom. Not bad really. Its not a beast like the i7 quad core in the F1 I have, but its definitely useable. I can’t say the same for the Vaio TZ I have, which is a shame, since I have been reading the CULV duo cores are still much better than the Atom CPUs, but the TZ is held back by a terribly slow 4200 rpm drive. I’ve typed this whole blog entry on the X and so far, the only thing that has been holding me back is the tiny keyboard. The speed is just fine for this, which is nice.


I grabbed another 10 inch digital photo frame today for…10 bucks! Cheaper than my other 10 inch photo frame (sony of course), the DPF-C1000 differs by lacking a lot of things (portrait orientation, mp3 playback, backlit Sony logo, movie playback, internal storage) that the DPF-hd1000 has, but I can live with that since I never use any of that. I didn’t realize the digital photo frame market was largely dead- Sony pulled out to focus on tablets (and we can see how terrible that is going for them now). So its kind of nice to find these in the wild.

I also managed to find a 19 inch Sony monitor- Sony also pulled out of the consumer computer LCD market a while back because poor profits. So happy with this monitor- the 17 inch has now moved over to be a secondary monitor for my desktop and I love having dual screens again. The 19 inch works really well as a secondary monitor for my laptop work station. I really like these monitors because they are really unique now in this day and age of 16:9/16:10/21:9 monitors- these are the old school 4:3 aspect monitors- I just like them a lot. I fixed my flickering problem with my laptop station- on VGA input, the screen had scanning lines- DVI fixes that really quickly – the salesperson laughed at me asking for a VGA converter last week. I know its kind of crazy for still supporting VGA in this day and age, but I STILL run into VGA regularly with clinic and school settings. So its fitting that my VAIO X still has a freaking VGA port. I am not using it because the stupid single core barely runs its own screen, nevermind dual screen. Anyways back to the screen- I still remember walking into Knowledge Common in uni and choosing a public computer with a 15 inch LCD4:3 aspect. It was still mind blowing for me to see an LCD that big, as I had been used to giant CRT monitors for many many years.

I’m still lusting for the Sony SA5000- that might be my end game for the time being in the next five years or so- its possible down the road that with the right price, I might grab the MDR-Z1R but its just too too much right now. There’s an SA5000 listing right now that is absolutely tempting me but the price is just ok, nothing great. I also found out that it comes with a spare frame with a working single driver- not really sure when i would use that to be honest, unless my pair died. Still debating.


Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner- my classic Hunter’s Chicken with mizithra cheese/butter spaghetti and french onion soup. The sodium and fat intake on this must be insane.

I had a hard Thursday this week- I’m a living embodiment of how sleep can affect anxiety levels. I had absolutely terrible sleep the night before and suddently everything all day was a triggering event- of course it happened to be a day I had to work double shifts, so taht was pretty awesome. What I found was helpful was doing CBT and psychoeducational pieces on myself and challenging my thought processes. Certainly, it felt like a day where things were almost unmanageable, but I guess they were because I made it through. I also feel lucky that I managed to maintain my sanity enough to recognize I needed some self therapy for myself.

One thing I am struggling with as a therapist is with self disclosure. I am a huge proponent of being fully with my clients and exploring issues with them in my authentic self, in a Rogerian sense. However, I’m also recognizing that this may come off as weak to some clients – how can you be a professional if you have problems?! I believe that I am conveying the idea that the issue is not that I have problems, but rather, I am able to manage my problems. That’s a big difference IMHO. The difficulty is that I am not certain whether that is always being conveyed to my clients. I think I am a good reader of people (that’s certainly part of my job), and recognizing when my therapeutic alliance is strong with a client. But I have doubts if I am coming off as simply a therapist who has lost his marbles.


Dadeo’s for lunch- the PoBoys are still pretty good. Always a big fan of tiger sauce and the sweet potato fries. Shooting witht he DSC-R1 is really challenging. the macro is really limited and the camera has difficulty focusing in low light conditions that are not really low light.


Fast food at WEM- I’m mostly grossed out with this stuff haha. I can accept crappy Korean/Chinese food. But Fatburger was really disappointing- the burger tasted really blase. I also tried Borubon Street and it was really weird. It had Chinese food and Chinese staff, but the food was also “Lousiana inspired”. I’m really not sure what I was eating there. The coconut shrimp was really good though. So imagine Jambalya rice and Chinese BBQ Pork- just weird.

I’ve been toying with some of my lesser used VAIOs this week- the TZ and SZ mag edition. I’m definitely not in the boat to SSD either of these laptops- they aren’t really super fave models of mine that I’d be willing to sink time into for that- especially since both of them are redonk difficult to disassemble, and the mounting solutions for an SSD are proprietary and a pain in the ass. What I am trying to focus more on is software tweeks to the existing hardware- particularly since both suffer from 100% Disk usage problems. Quite infuriating really- the slow CPUs are not the issue at all- its the constant disk usage. I would have chalked it up to the slow 4200 rpm drives, but they are in constant access and I am mostly confused. There’s quite a few solutions online but nothing has been helpful so far. Hmph.

I’ve been watching a lot of Community TV recaps this week and Childish Gambino videos this week. That makes me really sad haha. I feel like I lost a relationship there – both when Community ended in the oddball season 6 on Yahoo, and when it dropped off the cliff in season 5. I’m not sure what’s worse- seeing it die a slow death, or knowing its actually done. Community was one of those shows that nailed two things I really love- well connected characters that create a sense of connection, and an amazing storyline  with great character development(for the first three seasons). Childish Gambino reminds me of Troy and Abed’s bromance. I use this sometimes in session to talk about why audiences tend to like shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother- because they give a sense of connection, and it emphasizes the importance of relationships/attachment, and our inherent need for attachment. So what’s the point of this? The end of Community makes me feel lonely. 😦 hhahaha……:( And now I’m watching episode Herstory of Dance, and listening to As I lay Me Down. SO MUCH EMOTION. And its way past my bedtime.


Got to try out the much balleyhooed HP Elite x3 for its ability to run a desktop version of Windows 10 and this folio laptop (essentially just a screen and keyboard for the phone with no internal cpu/ram/drive). It was a total piece of junk. Lots of lag, lots of unresposive buttons. I can’t believe they thought this was ready to be demoed. I also can’t imagine anybody thinking it would be worth the weight to carry this folio, when it has no power to match an equivalent weight ultrabook. JUNK! .

dsc_1957 I got to try the new Google Pixel and Picel XL- honestly I wasn’t that impressed. They look like good phones, but I didn’t find anything remarkable about their design/software that would make me feel like they were that much better than other high end or even mid range Android handsets, especially given their price.

dsc08735dsc08736 dsc08739

Yours truly at District cafe- REALLY GOOD. The eggs benedict was served on waffles- the waffles were caramelized and SO SO SO crunchy. It was so good. The scone was so good. Little delightful chunks of butter were hideen inside. I really really really liked this place. A lot. And great service. W ahd a breakfast sandwich which was also solid.


Went to Cafe Bicyclette. Really good overall- ham omellette and eggs benedict. Cute and cozy overall. BIG FAN of the grilled grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar. That was the surprise standout for me.


I’m pretty used to the nigth/double shift at this point in my life- incredible amounts of fog heading home. Really surprised about this- its been ages since I have seen this much fog in the city. I’m used to seeing it in the morning in the river sometimes, but not outside of the rivers.


At this point in my life I am totally grossed out by IKEA food. The pulled salmon sandwhich is not too bad but the meatballs taste like toothpaste to me now.


Was kind of excited to see the ne wMotorola line up with the MotoMods. The speaker was really disappointing- its HUGE but the sound is MEH. If the sound was good I would totally consider it- but it sounds like an average phone speaker, nothing like a separate bluetooth speaker like the X33. The projector I could not get to work. The phone itself is really slim and slick feeling, but I feel they missed the mark on the mods. the speaker should have been dynamite and worth the extra weight/space. The projector is really really expensive for an addon that will only work for this specific phone. No idea if future generations will continue support the mods, which makes their steep price not really worth it. That 99 bucks for the speaker goes a long ways to a much better sounding portable bluetooth speaker that would be marginally bigger than the motomod. That 400 bucks for the projector….is not worth it.


Out for dinner with the fam at Jumbo restaurant.


Havign excessive amounts of crunchy things with my congee- realize there can be too much of a good thing, and the whole bottom of this was pure green onion. Ew.


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