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H is having a heck of a time hitting everyone and everyone. She has hit her grandmother, her mother, her father, her grandfather, other children, her cousins…lots of limit setting.

Today I got to see the Sony RX series at McBain Camera- it was pretty awesome, and I am super psyched because I have the Mark I incoming! I managed to find a auction where the price was just right- it was a pristine Mark I that came along with a bunch of goodies- the wide angle, and telephoto adapter lens for the Sony DSC-R1 (that I already own) and the lens adapter for both those lenses. Those items are already a pricey set alone- although they were made for the R1, they have been adapted by a number of users with other cameras, as they were built to suit the APS-C Zeiss 24-120 mm lens on the R1. So not only am I getting the large sensor critically acclaimed RX10, I am also getting a bunch of goodies with it to match up with my beloved R1. To be honest, I am probably not going to use the adapters as much, as I find the R1 limiting in many ways. What really is getting me excited in the RX10- it handles amazingly in the store and just fit my hand perfectly. Most of the controls were just right on for me. I also tried the similar Mark II which noticeably had faster shot to shot time, but was similar overall. The Mark III was the one that really changed it up for me- that has far more reach (24-600mm vs 24-200mm), and this really added a lot of heft to the camera- it felt like I was shooting with my D90- the grip was much more beefier and not quite as a good fit in my hand. After reading the DPreview analysis of the lens light equivalent charts, I was pleased that the RX10 Mark I was able to hold its own against its newer siblings- the Mark III goes to F4 at 200mm and loses a full stop of light compared to the Mark I. That’s my consolation that I am getting the multiple generations old version. Its gonna be dope. While I was still a bit hesitant about the RX10, since I think the RX100 Mark III fits more of my shooting gaps better (pocketable, large sensor, fast f1.8 at 24mm, EVF), the 24-200mm constant F2.8 and critically acclaimed sharpness throughout the zoom range wide open made me excited and sure this was going to be awesome.

I also got to try the Canon G1X Mark III- it was AMAZING in feel- the camera feels just right in my hand like the G5X. The controls were amazingly well done- much better than the RX10 TBH. The size is also just right- very small for an APSC size sensor compact. I just can’t get over the slow lens and unremarkable performance on the reviews of this camera. For 1600 CDN, I am expecting few drawbacks, and a lens that is comparable to a kit lens on a mirrorless camera is pretty lame. I wish Canon had given the lens extra space, but put in a quality fast chunk of glass (and went back to the Pro1 day and made it L glass). Shame really. Its also amazing that its so much smaller than the Mark II G1X but yet much better in handling. I didn’t take any pics of the Canon, but I definitely won’t forget how well Canon nailed the handling of that camera. Just superb. Shame about the slow lens.

M and I eating a storm from the local Chopsticks Chinese restaurant (amazing amount of food for the price- HUGE egg roll that was way too much food, and a combo of deep fried shrimp, ginger beef, chicken fried rice and mixed veggies) plus ?McDonalds and then DQ banana split. Honestly the McDonalds was overkill. Really awesome night hitting up both King Kong Skull Island (ok, not as good as Godzilla to me, but good considering I don’t really care for King Kong as a monster as much), and The Foreigner which was AMAZE BALLS. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan were amazing in there, and the story was just so insane- with twists that made sense, not out of the blue MNightShalamananana whatever twist for the purpose of a twist.

H hugging a huge bear in the store and not wanting to let go.

Family break time at Famoso again- the Korean BBQ pizza was sublime again. Cauliflower pizza wasn’t bad, and the pasta was mostly forgettable. Especially the meatballs one. The meatballs were really tasty but the pasta was pretty plain.

HK Cafe french toast- SO GOOD. I could eat this for days. Its so so so crispy and sweet.

Got to see a unicorn- the Polestar edition Volvo S60- this is the last generation before they kill the Polestar line and it becomes to new Polestar brand on its own. The S60 is nothing crazy like a 63 AMG, but its more like a 43 AMG. Still really really cool, and really rare to see. Its a sleeper for sure- unless you see the badges, it looks like a regular S60…..which is mostly forgettable in design. I would love it in the original crazy Polestar blue.

H enjoying music class- these are great Saturday mornings to get up for- she is really getting into movement and rhythm and seems to love dance and music. She might become an audiophile like me. 🙂 She certainly will be a better dancer than me.

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