going around town

Hitting up lower back right after chest day at the gym. Pretty solid chest day overall, felt solid throughout and didn’t have major wrist problems.  Feels good to do it up without any time restrictions like I have on weekdays. The deadlift was powered by a 4 shot java chip frapp. Probably 500000 calories. Back feels great though.

Celebrating like the third steak this week with W’s friends for her doctorate achievement at Shogun Restaurant. Good staff and good food overall and great company.

Celebrating with my private practice crew at Brown’s social house- the food was mostly forgettable. Had the steak and sushi and it was a crappy type of steak that was seasoned reasonable well, but a poor cut overall. Good company though to celebrate the midweek night shift.

Ikea traditional breakfast- pretty good plain jane food at a generally decent price with a fun shopping trip.

H decided to sleep in the laundry basket and looked like a cute little potato.

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