>the 100th post and a long technology slobbery blog and a rant

>Workout- Regular Friday workout at 65 lbs.
Diet- terrible- didn’t eat properly today because I was lazy and slept in 13 hrs, the most I have ever slept in my life I think.

Wow so its the 100th post! I havent really written in this for like 2008. I think its because Facebook killed the online blogging. But at any rate, I enjoy this blog. It allows an area to reflect and release tension. I think it was one of my Psychology courses that stated the importance of writing as a means to release anger and subside to a neutral state. Being that I am a very angry violent person….haha no I’m not. But its nice to let all your thoughts just smash out onto some literary action.

I started this blog after a terrible time of grovelling and self pity over a failed relationship back in the day. It was my means of a new start, even if my new start was simply switching from xanga to blogger. But I have found this blog to be enjoyable. I’ve also found it interesting to read back and reflect on the issues that I had to deal with over time. And its interesting. I really do feel as though I have grown considerably, even if my maturity hasn’t. or humor level. Haha. But its been one hell of a trip and even though things havent been always smooth, I have appreciated the challenges presented and their results on my growth. Here’s to the next 100 posts!

Things I would like to purchase in the year 2009, which happens to be this year! (yes this is a total consumerists paragraph and quite materialist oriented, but that’s ok, I think I’ve worked hard to get here,  )
1. Nikon D90 DSLR

I have waited long enough for my DSLR and have put up with the abilities of point and shoots long enough. I don’t feel I have the skills yet to fully master my point and shoot in full manual, but I do believe that I have realized the limitations of my P5100xSB400 flash combo enough to move on. The p5100 will play nicely as a pocket party rig, and the d90 will be my main companion from then on. The reason I decided to side with the d90 instead of the cheaper d80 was that its image quality was supposed to be on par with the d300. Which says something. It says something when people continually press that the 400 dollar difference is better spent on the body rather than better glass, which is usually what is the norm, since its really the lens that makes the difference.

Come to think about it, I had a talk about DSLRS the other day with somebody and he kept correcting me mid talk about the word “glass”, which he would continually restate “lens”. First off, he was a n00b in photography. Second, that’s just rude to correct somebody mid-sentence. What a dickwad.

2. 18-70mm Nikkor f 3.5-4.5

The 18-70mm is the most widely regarded mid range zoom lens on the internet. It has the most consistent praise and holds the best balance for its price. I think it will be a great lens to work with.

3. Maybe a Nikkor micro f2.8 60mm

I would love to explore macro photography, as that has been one of the main subjects of my current photographs. This lens also holds benefit to being a fantastic portrait lens as well. Its used by a lot of people notably the people at McBain Camera and Klyment Tan for portrait and studio use. Hell if its good enough for them, its good enough for me!

4. Six pack

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I think this will be the last time that I will state this. I truly believe that I have the determination and knowledge to make this a reality. Especially since my v taper is looking really good now, almost as good as in September, I just need to cut in the mid section and reduce the chest flab.

5. HP touchsmart all in one

I don’t actually need this, but I think it would be fantastic to work with. Im kind of a sucker for their glossy screens and I know its kind of gimmicky, but a full touchscreen 24 inches across would be so firkin sweet. Plus it would make editing on Photoshop hella easier when I finally come down to serious work.

Things I want that are likely never going to happen;
1. MotoAURA;

I think this thing is sexy as hell. I realize a lot of nerdlingers think that it’s a MOTO and it sucks the big one. Its true, it’s a Motorola and I wouldn’t think much about it, especially given their past build issues, their poor creativity and the probability of company failure. But theres something about its design, the circular LCD, the full metal enclosure and that big giant price tag that just makes its seem so appaealign to me. I would never buy it. At 2 grand its out of my budget for a phone, and if I was going to buy something, I would get another smartphone.

I cant get enough of it though. I love that design. I want it, like now.

Its like retro reminiscent of a phone I wanted a lot a long time ago, like back in my first year, the Motorola v70;

I was almost going to buy this awhile back, but I opted out cause the price and the reviews stating poor reception…etc. It was hot when I was in grade 12.

Of course, how could I forget about this one;
2. The Nokia n97

The Nokia N97 is pretty much everything I want in a phone. It has a physical QWERTY keyboard, which I absolutely need for email and texting. It has a 5mp CARL ZEISS (um probably not real) camera module, which I need for snapshots on the go, since I don’t have my camera on me all the time. On top of that it has a pretty decent screen at 640×360 res. A far cry from that on the xperia x1, but I’d rather stay Nokia and have the better camera to boot. The biggest problem I can foresee is that it does not sync with itunes, like my Blackberry Bold. I find this immensely useful for syncing music and playlists. I hate making new playlists, and the itunes sync is amazingly useful on the BB.

Sigh and on another completely unrelated note, I wish some people would be more active and caring. Perhaps that’s not the term. I wish they would put more effort in maintaining relationships, have more conviction and reflect whether they really care at all about our friendship. I feel sometimes I am putting too much into an empty well, that its going nowhere, and its only when they have the time to hangout or if its convenient for them, they will see whats up in my life. Literally just a “whats up”. Nothing more. I find it sad that relationships that have spanned 9 years have become so frail that a casual conversation once in a blue moon is ok. Or relationships where convenience is the residing factor in its maintenance. Is it really ok that we only hangout when you need me, but when the holidays are here, you find better friends? Ok maybe Im being a bitch here, but sometimes I feel like that. I realize that we all have a hierarchy of friendships, and that’s understandable. You can’t be friends with everyone, and you also cant be friends with everyone at the same level. But at the same time, if you are second placing me when the time is inconvenient to hang out, then why should I bother to care about hanging out with you when you need me? I’m kind of disgusted with myself that this happens. That I don’t walk away. Because in all honesty, I’m not getting anything from this. I try and try to make something more, but the relationship sits in idle and never goes anywhere. You know what? I love shits and giggles. I love crude jokes, casual banter about stupid nuances in life. But I can’t spend 2/3 my working day on that shit. I want to grow, I want to learn. I want to see my efforts to make these friendships develop come to fruition. And right now I don’t see any appreciation in that. There are people who appreciate these concerns and do their best to respond in kind. My time is best spent with them. I can’t try to be altruistic in these friendships for the rest of my life. Everyone has limited time for their social support/lives and if my efforts are not going anywhere, then I can’t see any point trying to make something that is not.

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