>One more day of Holiday Cheer!

>Workout; 14 sets at 8 reps at 75lb dumbbell chest press flat bench!
Diet; Terrible- lots of carbs at a gathering at Albert’s house, but worth the crash.

Hopefully this will be a quick one, I want to get to bed early so I can practice getting some early sleep, cause I start school tm! At 9AM every fricking morning until Friday. Weird hours. And they run from 9AM until 1:30PM straight, no breaks. Terrible. They had better be good classes. I am really excited about meeting new people and sharing/debating items of interest. I really believe that I can be challenged intellectually this term, in a manner that is relevant to my passions, so this is exciting in that sense. I am not exciting about having essentially a working term, but that’s ok. Every experience that puts me to the test strengthens me, and although a pain in the ass, if I am learning, I am happy. I will be all the more prepared to what the future has to throw at me. I won’t lie, I am terribly excited about graduating too. Finally to be done undergraduate courses, it is something that I look forward to!

Today I was able to bench press 14 sets of my flat bench at 75lbs. I am really excited. My normal flat bench press is 8 sets of 8 reps, so this is essentially looking good for the next weight class I will be tackling- 85lbs. I know I can do it, I was at 95 lbs in September, its just great to be back in the game in full force. I am particularly interested in this because it is very difficult for me to get rid of the flab on my chest, and expanding my pectorals like no other stretches it and makes it much more even. I am also excited to start working on my abdominals this Tuesday, as I haven’t touched those since the broken hand. Speaking of broken hand, I pulled out some of the remaining stitching material this afternoon. I noticed there was always this annoying bump on the scar tissue, and sure enough there in the glint of the afternoon sun, I saw the blue reflection of the stitches. Pretty gross if you ask me. It was kind of satisfying to pull it out though. In a weird way. Haha.

This is a really interesting link;

In it, the author has pitted Windows 7, the new OS from Microsoft, against Windows XP and Vista. In both setups with an AMD and Intel rig, Windows 7 has consistently performed better across the charts then both of them, which says a lot given that XP is like that much better in efficiency than Vista, and doesn’t need 2GB of RAM. Basically I am excited about my next rig, Windows 7 can have a place in my comp anyday, although I really do like the MAC OSX and it may also play a factor in my next rig.

Today we went over the Albert’s house for dinner. I had a terrible time making my chow mein (with mai fun ~rice noodles). I realize I am a terrible cook haha, and so it was with some what a relief that it actually was finished! There were no noodles to be taken home. Hopefully that was because it was good and not because people were hungry and indiscriminate towards bad food or were giving pity to my poor skills in the kitchen :P. Jia had these dumplings that his household has a wonderful knack for making in a consistently delicious matter. Penner brought some Vietnamese style chicken that had the most amazing coating, and Albert made a fish dish that had lime that kind of popped your tongue in a weird manner. But it was good at any rate! And to boot, the hospitality as always, offered by the Chiu’s was stellar. I always find it quite welcoming and warming that there are people like that in this world.
Anyways, Howard made these yam fries which were really great. Yam fries remind me of my first date at Dadeo’s. Dadeo’s is this really cool New Orleans joint on Whyte Ave, and they are really famous on the campus for their sweet potato fries and Po Boys (think glorified mini subs with really good stuffings). That was a sweet date- good company, good conversation and a really good dinner of fried Cajun food. It also reminds me how terrible it is to go on a date with no car. I missed my last bus and all I could think about was how am I going to get home. Actually the date went so well that I didn’t really care, but I did wonder a lot mid conversation how the hell I would get back to my house.

I need to go before I end up staying awake till like 5am again.

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  1. Jia says:

    >ellis i love reading your blogs. keep it up. i bleg for more!

  2. ellis says:

    >you BLEG FOR MORE! its like a blessing and a beg at the same time! WOOOOOO.

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