>The New Year started out poorly

>Workout; biceps at 35lbs
2nd workout; shoulders at 45lbs and 35lbs

Yeah so I began the new year terribly. I had already moved my cheat day to New Years Eve because everyone had tasty snacks and to say no would be to kill the holiday festivities. But then today I was having a ball with Will, Joey and Mag when they said let's go for pizza. Given that I had only eaten a protein shake and it was like 6:00PM I was starving and all too easily agreed. And it was delicious. Half a chicken cream sauce and half a bbq chicken pizza, followed by a lot of pringles chips. Terrible.

And to think that only moments I was coaching Sam with tips to make his weight loss goals a reality. I'm such a hypocrite.

New Years eve was really fun. I spent some time with the family and it was the fun snacks and being with them that was so great. I did however feel as though I wanted to spend New Years with my friends as opposed to the usual with the fam each year. We had dinner at Beijing Beijing which is a newly reopened Chinese restaurant switched from a fast food Westerner buffet to a real Chinese restaurant. Dinner ended up being 29 bucks a person and although the food wasn't bad, it wasn't stellar. My dad cooks way better than that. I will never again pay more than 15 bucks at an Asian restaurant. I'd rather spend money on a steak, some big slab of red meat. Or sashimi and maki. Not chinese.

We then went to mcdonalds where I had two double cheeseburgers and a mcflurry because we were still hungry. And I'm pretty sure that made me have my stomach ache later on that night.

As the eve progressed we decided to sit in a circle and share the highlights and disappointments of 2008. I think as young adults these moments are especially important for being critical and learning from our own mistakes, learning and providing constructive feedback for others and being inspired from the accomplishments of others. I wish things like this occurred more often, that we would be critical of each other and learn/mature our way of thinking. All too often we take life too casually and wallow in our own selfishness in belief that our perspective is good. But nothing we believe is absolute. Everything is relativistic. In that sense the truth is relative and if we are to achieve the truth, we need to have dialogue and open ideas to debate. I would love to be challenged and shot down so that I may build better arguments and either learn either new perspectives or further establish my beliefs.

I guess I would like to be more cultured. I am guilty of reading only the sensationalist headlines, and only paying attention to that which may spark my interest. And yet there is so much more out there that I have ignored because of apathy and laziness. I have so much to challenge and add to my beliefs but I have simply ignored it because I am lazy. It is something I will strive to correct for 2009.

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