A dying Blackberry fan

(Image courtesy of Engadget.com). I have been slowly considering and wavering my steadfast fanboyism for RIM. It is so hard to stay a Blackberry fan when increasingly better handsets are just around the corner from Android/iOS/Windows Phone/Even freaking Symbian. My argument has always been that I love the hardware keyboard too much to leave it, and indeed when I made the jump from my old Bold 9000 to the Bold 9700, I was toying with an Xperia X10 in the Rogers store and absolutely hated the stock Android keyboard. Maybe I would have liked it if I tried Swype or the new Gingerbread soft keyboards, but for the moment, it was tough for me to let go the typing experience on the Blackberry.

However, the new reviews of the Motorola Droid 3 have started to persuade me to break that RIM dedication. With nothing that seemingly stands a chance against the cream of the crop from other operating systems, RIM has been doing a fairly crappy job in staying my loyalty. Especially given that the only thing going for it now is the keyboard. The reviews for the DROID 3 show a well developed keyboard that is amongst the best of hardware keyboards available. Adding a qHD resolution screen (960×540) on a 4inch form factor and you have me hooked. I loved the first DROID, especially its build quality. The Gorilla glass and IPS technology were the added cream on the cake. With a dual core processor and and form factor I love (sliding landscape) its hard for me to love the POS that I use everyday. It hangs up with memory issues constantly, requires daily maintenance to keep it running, often crashes and screws me over for work when the alarm fails to go off because an app error (seriously making me lose trust in its reliability) and simply has some of the poorest applications ever made in comparison to its iOS and Android equivalents. And the ridiculous amount of time RIM takes to get its products out the door to its remaining loyalists is ridiculous. Forget about the absolutely poor Playbook experience with no native IM and e-mail and broken promises of meeting software update times, and you have a very difficult argument to stay a RIM loyalist.

Considering how much I use my phone, its difficult to stick with an unreliable piece of kit everyday. When the DROID 3 comes to Telus, its going to be very tempting to buy it outright, unlock it and peruse the Android landscape. I seriously have doubts about picking up the Bold 9900. With rumors of no support for QNX OS next year, it seems fruitless in buying a handset that will not have the capabilities of running much better apps in just a years time. Just like its stupid to buy a Symbian OS handset right now with Windows phone just around the corner, RIM also is doing a poor job in getting its users to keep their faith before the big transition.

Oh RIM. I loved you.

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