Kobe restaurant, lemongrass porkchops, tenderizing beef and fire.

Some delicious foods from Kobe restaurant on M’s bday. Had a 28 piece sashimi order (for 3-4 people, all for myself!), and volcano roll (fried salmon skin). Too much sashimi. It began tasting rather dull towards the end. Also made a delicious set of lemongrass pork chops, the best fried rice I have ever made and some black bean green beans. Finally, I went to town on Save On Foods fifteen percent off day and bought some meat tenderizer, and a first, some beef. Normally its just chicken because beef is so expensive, and I can’t cook beef worth a damn, but I heard that the tenderizer does wonders, so its marinating in the fridge right now. Didn’t realize that tenderizer’s first ingredient is salt, so hopefully it won’t be too bad, given the copious amounts I put in! Just won’t add salt to the broccoli when I stir fry them together.


Having a big fire at M’s place for his bday. Its always fun burning things in the pit! Glad summer is going full blast right now, so fun to be with good friends.


Eating dim sum with my fam. Mom likes the chicken feet on the upper left, which tastes really rubbery and not at all like the traditional ones that I always order. I just reacted when I heard the “phoenix claw” and then I saw and regretted! 


Having baked onion soup on the side at the Old Spaghetti Factory for D’s bday. So freaking good and salty. Obviously not helping my waistline. 


And then having some chicken parmagiana with cheese in lieu of sauce. It was a salty and actually pretty decent experience, but the cheese got a little overwhelming at times. Thankfully, I love cheese to death. 


Marinating the lemon grass pork chops. These turned out amazing, but only when they were fresh out the oven. Not that good when microwaved for lunch the next day. Had it with green beans at work the next day. It cooked too much in the microwave and was rock hard.


Marinating some beef with the tenderizer. Turns out it was a bit too liberally coated with the stuff and the beef was like super soft. Regardless, I am excited about the possibilities of making actually soft beef. The package said to marinate half an hr prior, whereas I did it for an entire day and a half. Whoops!

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