I have a lot of food here

Went with M to Tokyo Express before Captain America and grabbed a quick meal. It was actually really good! The spicy tuna combo on the right was great. Just the right amount of kick to make it perfect. I can’t remember the one on the left. But for a cheap and fast Japanese take out, I was more than surprised when I actually enjoyed my food.


Definitely expected something terrible to come out, but it was all good! I kind of want to get this. Like now.


Tried to get the audience waiting for the Captain America screener. M had preview tickets through his SCENE card and it was pretty exciting! They did the whole “put away your cameras, we will kill you if you record this and put it up for a torrent download” speech. The movie was awesome.


Except for this part. I hate 3D movies. I think the effect is subpar at best and not worth the premium. Adding to the pain was having the stupid glasses ride on my prescription glasses underneath. Oh well. It was a free movie. And it was great. I kind of wanted W to style herself in the 40s attire after the movie haha.


We were greeted with a rainstorm after the movie. As per usual, Edmonton’s weather has not been kind to us for weather and has constantly stormed and clashed with the hordes of mosquitoes to see which entity could make the summer the worst one in memory.


Like this. I had to put a fan on my crotch after my four minute walk to work because my dress pants were completely soaked with the rain. It was so comical yet freezing.


One of my terrible meals haha. Perogies, ham and copious amounts of pepper. It made me really really full. And kind of grossed out. 12 perogies is too much for one meal, even for me.


So excited to see the T&T hot food market open up! Love the food here.


This actually looks kind of disgusting, but it tasted quite good. Beef stew, lemon chicken, tofu and fried fish.


And just after a few days from Tokyo Express, I was back again to enjoy the spicy combo once more. So freaking good. And with miso soup and green tea ice cream.


Made a nice curry chicken for dinner when M came over. I was going to make tomato/potato chicken, but then I saw the curry as I reached for the ketchup and I was stoked. I love curry. So much.


Had a little Irish cake at Brewster’s. It was pretty good, chocolate/mint everywhere. Great combo. The hammerhead lager was not my favorite though. The dryness really was apparent to me.


Saw this cute kitty outside J and M’s home. The kitty came up and was super friendly. I would love a cat, but I think I would be too busy to provide the care and love that it would need.


Managed to find some Hello Kitty swag in Banff for W. Happily I was able to find her favorite Hello Kitty style in the necklace pendant (it is less fatter in the face and has smaller eyes). It was kind of interesting adventure finding this, haven’t really had the experience of searching pink Sanrio merchandise on my own haha.


Wasabi beef and tequila spiked chicken soup from the Tea Place for lunch. Pretty decent for both of them, but not enough wasabi in the panini. I really thought I was going to get a wicked kick from it, but didn’t taste any hint of wasabi. At all. Sad.

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