Nokia N9 from Techno Buffalo on Vimeo.

I am soooo excited for the not yet announced Nokia N9. Even if I am a Blackberry fan at heart, the design of the N9 just looks fantastic. It has the build of the Motorola Droid and a really comfortable looking keyboard (which I didn’t really like on the Droid). I am also a huge fan of the tilting screen, as I loved that on the N97. I am a little worried that optics is taking a step back as this is not labelled as a Carl Zeiss lens (as much as I don’t believe it to be really a CZ lens on any of the Nokias or Sony Cybershots). It just looks really fantastic and I can’t wait to see it.

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience of a medical freak out in the morning, and my doctor told me to chill out and relax, as per usual. He also told me to watch my lifting, as it will get really hard on my joints soon enough, but for now he said he was really happy with how I had changed my body. +1 for self-esteem.

I went home and worked out, did a hurried rush to mow the lawn before the rain that never came, and enjoyed th fruits of my labor. My lawn looks void of the disgusting weeds that were popping up everywhere. It was a nice surprise for my folks too, and I think I got some brownie points from them. 🙂

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