The Nokia N9 looks like a promising device that is yet unannounced. Although its form factor holds similar to the Motorola Milestone/Droid, I love the Moto, and to see it in Nokia form makes me happy. I am also happy that my plan allows me to use other smartphones as well, and not just blackberries. Although I am very happy with my Bold 9700 right now, I might check out some other devices later. I now feel that phones are a used enough commodity in my arsenal that I can frequent multiple handsets without guilt. 😛

I tried to do some work today, but suffice to say it didnt really happen. When your job is data entry, and you are at home…it just doesn’t happen. I will need to pick up a lappie and head out to school to do this, its waaaay too distracting and convenient to do it here.

I met up with M today, an old labmate from my entomology days. It was cool catching up with him, hes a super comic book guru, so he basically told me the plot of every single comic this summer.It was also pretty neat catching up with what was happening in the entomology field these days, and equally depressing to know that they are suffering from limited budgets like everybody else…hint hint, education. We grabbed some drinks at Good Earth and sat out in the gorgeous summer sun, and I now have a definite farmer’s tan. I will be mowing the lawn in a beater tm to fight this horrid line off.

I also got a haircut today and I love it! I feel so clean not having my bangs against my head, especially with the summer heat matting them down and making me look super gross. As per usual, IK did a fantastic job with my hair and it just all looks super clean and perfect for summer. Super excited about this weather.

I had other things I wanted to talk about, but I will save that for tm’s post. night night.

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