>One of my pet peeves is fanboyism. It exists with every genre, and electronics are no exception. For example, the MAC vs. PC camp enrages me to no other. Each one calls pot shots at each other, saying well my comp can do this, can yours? I find it particularly annoying when I know how to operate both systems quite efficiently and I hear somebody say- hey but I bet you can’t do this on your mac- you shouldn’t buy it. Often times, the process they are referring to that seems quite exclusive to one operating system is so obscure and infrequently used that it feels like their argument is grasping at straws for any sort of leverage, when really, there is no inherent advantage to either if you aren’t a dumbass with your computer.

Take for example- the other day I read a post that said- all Alienware laptops are so bulky and ugly. Certainly Alienware’s gaudy gamer styled laptops are subjective to beauty (me, I love them). But bulky? It really annoys me when people don’t do their homework. Take the M11x, their ultraportable that I have been raving over the past year- at 11 inches and a 4 lb weight, it is hardly bulky and the power it packs in its frame easily bests what others have to offer- in particular, the Macbook Pro’s Nvidia GT320m. The M11x using the Core @ Duo ULV and the Nvidia GT335m pulls in 6, 3888 3D MARK06, much higher than the 4,754 3DMARK06 that the Mac pulls in.

It would be unfair to stop the comparison their, as the Macbook Pro pulls in 4,164 in PC Mark Vantage, besting the M11X’s 3,732. This is quite respectable when you consider that the Mac is emulating an entire new operating system.

What is my point? I hate when PC or Mac fanboys dish out their hate on each other when its clear that neither really has a winner. Most people do not consider real world needs- for me, I need long battery life, good portability and build quality. That narrows it down to the Macbook Pro, M11x or the Lenovo X201. What most fanboys don’t see is that real world need, but rather one sided arguments- such as -“if you know what you are doing, you can do everything you need on your PC and you don’t need a Mac”. That’s not an argument as to why I can’t use a Mac, especially if I am using it for Office and it suits me for all my hardware requirements. GAH! You see this especially on Engadget comments all the time, and I don’t even turn on the comments anymore because of the constant trolling.

Another argument I really hate is with smartphones. I have heard time and time again that Blackberry’s OS is antiquated and dying. Certainly it isn’t quite as efficient for media as other OS’s but its not terrible either. And for what I need it for- text/email it is one of the best platforms simply do to the amazing keyboard. I am not saying that soft keyboards are bad- its just that for me, the hard keyboard is what I am used to, and therefore what I need. Again, all over engadget, Gizmodo…..it annoys me immensely.

Tell that to the argument that one app is better than another. How can you criticize when you haven’t even used one app? GAH! This happens in fanboy camp all the time!

Rant done.

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