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Went to La Petite Iza and Eleanor and Laurent for lunch the other day- lucked out and no crowds for the afternoon appetizer session. Really incredible atmosphere with a great view of downtown and the greenery of the river valley from the roof patio. The weather was a bit cool but the sun was nice- the wasps were not nice. They were everywhere.
The food was incredible- the duck fat fries were my favorite and my new fave fry over the Earl’s truffle fries. Really great texture and taste. Sometimes I have duck fat fries and you can’t tell they are any different than other fries. The smoked salmon was good too. The pate was reallllllllly creamy. I liked the burger a lot too but the fries stole the show. And service was fantastic. I felt very taken care of.
The inner decor was amazing. The floor and ceiling really stood out to me- with a nice view out the neighborhood greenery that really made you feel like you weren’t in the city. Great vibes here.
Eating post workout at Brewsters- first time eating wings Thursday in like 3-4 years. Probably the last time I will eat wings in a long time again. Wings are really fun to have- I had a plate of 30 with hot honey, garlic honey, and buffalo, but the wings are batch produced and I forgot how dry they are. Great company with friends though and I got a nice compliment from a bro about aesthetics at the door. Good night.
Earls – doing a little more in person dining with fam jam- not sure how I feel about that right now still, but fun for the family. Sante fe chicken salad is still my fave.
Best Buy shopping for laptops and checked out the Sony section- I love this boombox- XG500 – the carry handle and simple design is nice- but the price is realllllllllly up there, and in midfi territory for headphones and this is decidedly not midfi or hifi at all. Its still very consumer mainstream sound- not bad in itself but not something I would put that much money towards. And the painful part is that the JBL boombox actually has the impactful deep bass at a cheaper price. I have considered a third speaker to my xb41 pair but this is not it at this price point.
Got to finally try the Z fold 3 – and flip 3. Its pretty incredible to me- hardware development has largely stalled across the board tech wise; most development is in software and its been pretty boring to me. But this folding mechanism finally has me intrigued with the waterproofing- they haven’t figured out the dust proof but at least with water resistance I wouldn’t have to worry about that open hinge area. I loved using it in closed mode and still having a functional albeit tall/narrow phone; and then having a tablet experience opened up. And I found out its actually not locked to just one carrier this time like the previous Fold. Alas I have just upgraded my phone in the fall last year so no dice- this would have been a easy sell for me to upgrade to if it was an option. I think the big let down is that the camera is not as good as their own s21 ultra which I would have expected to be at this price point. I use my iPhone 12 pro max a lot as an additional or primary camera with my DSLR set up (i.e. I won’t carry multiple lenses if I want to travel light and will just pack my telephoto and use the wide/ultra wide on the iPhone) because the iPhone is that good (the recent review of the Leica/Sharp one inch sensor phone shows that the computational photography in iOS has overcome hardware advantages like sensor size). So a just ok camera on the fold 3 is a bit of a let down.
Really impressed by the LG Gram 17 – the lightweight nature and 16:10 aspect ratio gives a really portable desktop experience- I value large screen for productivity and this laptop was pretty incredible. At this price point though, I would still be gunning for my dual screen Asus.
Also really enjoyed the XPS 17, another 16:10 aspect ratio laptop that gives me the same vibes as the 17 inch Macbook Pro/Powerbook with the immersive feeling screen size. I really liked the white carbon fiber body too in the XPS line up. Again, I would struggle to choose between this and the dual screen Asus but I think dual screen for its oddity just stands out to me. But I do love that they are making big screen powerful laptops- I find ultrabooks neat but sort of boring.

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