2014 latergram post

I found this in my drafts of posts from back in 2014 that I never posted- I thought it would be good to get it out there anyways. In reflection, I spent a lot of time talking about Taipan restaurant- since then, the restaurant has totally folded in on itself. It was a shame, because we spent many years crashing here and I remember catching the sketchy bus in Chinatown to get there late at night, and then deciding that was too sketchy and walking home on the main artery roads instead.

In terms of cameras- pretty neat to look back- this year, after 7 years of trying out the 70-200 f4G, Sony has indeed released multiple fast lenses in their FE line up (not so much in the E line up) and their lens family has nicely filled out- I think its pretty much made their line up complete; whether that competes well enough with Canon/Nikon is another story; I rarely see Sony lenses receive the same praise, but that might be because of heritage alone. Sony certainly is to be applauded for making inroads on a tried and true market where it is so cut throat that Pentax, Olympus, Minolta, Konica and a myriad of others have called it a day. I have taken up a lot more full frame shooting since this post in 2014- and my lone FE body is from that time period. I totally missed out on the benefit of the a6000 with its hybrid phase detect autofocus that would end up being a blessing for shooting moving kids; at this time point I was only shooting stationary things. I’ve almost largely dropped off compact shooting as well. As much as I love compacts and their heritage, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is such a jump in IQ that any advantage from a fast lens/largish sensor is mitigated by the power of computational photography and convenience of instant sharing. If I am carrying a camera with me, I am carrying big. Consequently, the RX series and G1X series rarely get much field time, never mind the older small sensor/slow lens compacts. The hilarious part in this post was complaining about lack of macro ability with the kit lens. That kit lens is a) horrible; and b) really compact and neat. But I rarely shoot those food shots anymore unless I am trying something really interesting/novel. I also didn’t realize what shooting with Sony would mean for my camera line up- I have largely abandoned Nikon entirely and only recently bought Nikon (D3 for my dad this year with a 70-300VR !)

Im also certain my grip strength is much better- I’m doing circles around my deadlift now with my PR in 2014 as my regular set.

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