foot pain is a regular friend in my life this year

Its parent volunteer day at the casino- I have actually never been in a casino in my city ever. And for a fundraiser. It was an interesting experience and a nice change of pace. Lots of shiny lights. We just had new restrictions with the recent wave of COVID happening, so it was worrisome to work in such a place, but I actually got to volunteer with a few docs- one an infectious disease physician , and it made some interesting conversations.
Got to have food coverage. The Chicken Ala Brick was….forgettable. The idea is the chicken is put between two hot elements that make it extra crispy. It was crispy and cooked well….but very bland. And there was so much arugula. Normally I would love veggies, but this was also bland.
I always love tuna sandwiches so its a thing for me to try what the tuna sandwhich is like- and … was bland as well. Haha. Oh well.
Much better- the prime rib dinner was much more tasty and well cooked. A nice ending to the night. I ended up finishing my volunteer shift right after dinner.
I managed to find an LAC505ED center speaker to match my la500ED speakers – going to build a really nice LA500ED based speaker system- I’m hunting for the matching subwoofer which should be fairly difficult to find- I rarely see the sub for sale. I picked up a pair of la500ED in silver – and unfortunately the tweeters have been swapped- likely due to a damaged tweeter- you can see they are different than the carbon based tweeter in the original speakers. Fortunately they still sound great. They are giving a good run for the money for my MDR-Z1Rs in attention.
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I blew my foot out- I switched to barefoot runners to go for a long walk with lots of uphill sections and didn’t realize this would wreck my foot. Insertional Achilles tendonitis. It was incredibly painful and I couldn’t put weight on my foot at all or sleep with the throbbing pain. Lucked out and my drop in doc was also a sports medicine doc and he knew right away what it was. Topical antiinflammatory cream and pain killers. Couldn’t even put shoes on. I bought this funky paisley cane to help with my hobbling. I couldn’t even make it to the kitchen.
Third foot injury in a year- time is either catching up with me as I age, or I am a horrible runner. I figure at least part of this is bad footwear and over training- last year’s blow out happened when I used VapoMax shoes that were not running shoes – I really think they were just street wear and not athletic wear- and that the over cushioning on them messed up my foot. That was really the first season when I began to run with them in enerst- I didn’t have any injuries when running with the Air Max like these ones.
Fortunately the pain was short lived- within 4 days I began to have some pain subside. I haven’t gone for a run. I likely won’t run for another month. I have been cycling instead. BUT I was able to still do my heavy lifts this week which was really a big relief to me. Able to get my lifting shoes on too, which are much more tighter than my runners so the pain really has come down. My foot felt a bit odd today after squats so I better take it slow. It feels so good to be able to walk- I really don’t think I can express how despairing it is to think something is too far away in a room to get, or that I just walked there and how can I walk back- and its like the shelf over- or that coffee is not happening because I can’t get to the kitchen- or not being able to stand and put my socks on. Wild.
Unfortunately managed to get lens fungus in my rx10 in the front element. I had hoped it was just the wide angle adaptor that had it when I picked up the rx10 on ebay years ago with an adaptor set for the R1 camera. But it developed in the rx10 as well- I really hope it doesnt show up in my other cameras. I was surprised- I live in a dry and sunny climate and thought my camera case placement in a glass cabinet by a sunny window would be fine but alas no. Fortunately this has happened to several RX10 owners and there are some user guidelines on fixing it- Managed to get the front lens element off fairly easily- next step is separating the two elements here in the front element as the fungus is between them- but the hardest part of not screwing the camera up I think is done. I don’t really use it to be honest- it did take a place of pride in my collection because I will always love bridge style cameras and the Carl Zeiss name is a personal matter of pride and admiration for me. But I was never sold on the 1 inch sensor results – especially since I am comfortable carrying a full frame lens rig with me as a daily driver, the IQ is a major difference.
Having some really good beef/chicken schwarma with S after a long (and crippling walk). A good catch up and really great food. the ice cold coke reallllly washes the meal down well. Really liked this meal
So I ended up finding out the srs-x9 upper tweters actually only work with HiRes audio and were not actually broken based off the official Sony website- I always thought I had been duped by the local seller on this speaker set. Since finding out I have been using them a lot more because now I don’t feel as resentful to them haha. Andddd now instead of using the BTX500 or XB41 in the gym, I’m using the x9 in the gym with much higher music fidelity than I am used to in the gym. Its been sweet. Its really not meant to be portable though, so I should probably put it in a proper carry case.
Trying to figure out a shoulder routine with the cage- so far, seated military press feels weird. Standing military press feels better. But still weird. I ended up going back to seated military press with the machine. I need to figure out my breathing as that seems to be a problem where I end up constricting breath as I push up and this feels like its messing up my push.
I haven’t bought workout gloves in some time- I always used them before but as they wore out I didn’t feel the need to replace them – at some point I just adjusted to bare hand lifting. When I began to have wrist issues in my left arm with bench and curl, I bought wrist wraps that have worked wonderfully so. I probably honestly did not need to buy these, but I also really liked the style and the material- the smooth mesh is very breathable on the top with a suede underneath. I think more important are the Grizzly lifting wraps – Adidas makes a similar pair but without the gel like pad which might work better because the gel is quickly deteriorating. Like at this point my hands are super calloused and it doesn’t matter if I have gloves- but it does a little mental thing I think for me to have something extra getting ready for a lift. Squat is up at 230 without bar here for 16 sets of 8 reps. Got a compliment from a fellow gym goer today on strength. That was nice.
Managed to find this Adidas case to match my 12 Pro Max at Winners- a good score- 14 vs 50 in Best Buy. I hated the color combo before but now I love it- the colors are warmer in this photo- its a vibrant orange contrasting the camouflage pattern and it matches a lot of the athletic wear I seem to be donning more these days. I really have taken in the athleisure trend- but I feel reasonably so that I am actually being athletic.
got to enjoy the Van Gogh exhibit where they projected the paintings across extremely large canvases and had intense music paired with the imagery. Really enjoyable scenery- I was doubtful of attending these exhibits because of covid but it was pretty ok. Really great atmosphere to sit in and watch the images go by. I did enjoy reading the stories behind Van Gough in the narrative exhibit before entering here. Overall a fun experience.
Out and about enjoying the Valley Zoo- not a particularly great zoo but a fun moment for the family. My favorite exhibit with the birds of prey demonstration is still out of service with COVID, I’m assuming to limit crowding. The farm animals were fun- the goats actually hang out on the roof of the building. The ice cream in the wetlands concession stand is very bad- H chose bubblegum Chapmans ice cream and this is where I should have put the parent card down because she ate like a bite of it and then we had all this horribly artificial ice cream to finish. I did not enjoy that. The bugs were crazy outside- thankfully mosquitoes were a non issue, but the wasps were quite the pester while eating. I also did not like the smoked meat poutine- which turned out to be ham. Like way to really play up ham with wording.

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