I always love the Grandin stations. They remind me of a little safe portal away. Kind of like a moden wardrobe to Narnia, except this one goes to Claireview or Century Park.

Walking along the High Level at midnight. It was kind of fun and kind of OMFG with all the lights and sound. Also the couple videotaping their oral sex session at the end of the bridge with their cellphones was pretty WTF.

At J’s apartment for her b-day. Had some good times! Love this little corner just off campus.

I think the last time I goto Taipan Cafe. This was way too salty and did not have any fish in it at all.

This sad little creamy peach/shrimp dish was small and sad.

This soup was ok. There was no service to refill my tea. Or any service at all really.

En route north.

A reminder that summer brings about terrible battles with dandelions and the damned spring species of mosquitoes that come out during the day when you least expect to put on repellent. My arms are soaked in After-Bite.

Another view from the Southgate transit terminal.

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