>Milk=Bathroom Best friend


Gah! Totally rolled my left ankle today on my afternoon run, and it isn’t feeling pretty. That’s probably the extra karma added to the absolutely terrible yet delicious breakfast that I had this morning, consisting of a buttery/fluffy scrambled egg plate, bacon and mini-wheats cereal. I finished up with some soy sauce chicken that I put way too much salt in, and not enough sugar….which is ok because I used it to make soy sauce eggs later, so hopefully tm that salt will have seeped in nicely into my delicious chicken products. 
I also am definitely lactose intolerant. I had been under the belief that I was losing my intolerance and had been chugging milk like crazy, about 4 L a week (not as much as 4L per 3 days like before, but a lot more than 4 L per month that I was at last year)…and it definitely has hit me. I am running to the bathroom constantly and mourning my lost hope in drinking the delicious cow juice. Am definitely sad about that. 
Other than that, I am completely and utterly behind on schoolwork. At least I am not behind on everything, I feel pretty happy about my running routine and despite my lack of left ankle, I am pretty stoked about what running is giving me- new challenges. 
I am also super stoked about a new project that I will be doing with my prof, looking at the clinical psychology behind adolescent deviance that turns into gang membership and activity. I REALLY want to do this for a PhD, it would be my grand dream to research this, I love this stuff so much. I really hope this turns out. If it doesn’t, I am taking a year off to build my CV and research this stuff and then reapplying for the PhD again. I really want to do this! My current project is alright, but this one is mindblowingly exciting for me. :0

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