Had a really great night with M and K last night. K lives way out east, and M way out west, whilst I am smack dab in the middle. So I met K and we had a great close to an hour drive with a good rundown of our lives. Despite not knowing K for very long, we get along great, and its been pretty awesome the past couple of shindigs with hims, so here’s hoping for a great new friendship!

We ended up at M’s place after taking in some KFC from the local strip mall- 4 pieces for 6.99! YES! So cheap and sooooo good. I haven’t had KFC in at least a year so it was a welcome addition to my stomach, as well as having some of M’s mum’s spring rolls. We ended up in the yard with a roaring bonfire and some great man on man talk, and it was just a fantastic Friday night.

Today, W and I went for a run at night around the neighbourhood and it was just fantastic. The weather was really great for running, and even though W couldn’t keep up (not to mention the multiple run around and checking back on her!), it was a really great run, and I quite enjoyed having company on a usually solitary and sometimes lonesome experience (although in general I don’t feel lonesome, it can get a bit creepy when I am running at 6-7 AM and there’s naught a soul in sight…especially with the darkness the fall is bringing it can get a bit creepy).

Got back home to news that my stats homework is actually going to be a bigger wench than I thought it was, but that’s ok. Because W made this fantastic sweet and sour side rib dish that is my absolute favorite- think cane sugar, rice vinegar and fatty pork ribs……so unreal on rice. And now that I have neutralized, if not outright destroyed any benefit from running, I have more stats to do. W says she is cool with running again with me tm, so I am quite excited about that!

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