>I went out for dinner with W the other night at Taipan, my all time favorite restaurant for its cheap yummy goodness. I forgot that it was located literally streets away from the inner city program I use to instruct at, and I also forgot that I felt afraid going to work, even during the daytime. Of course, dinner runs late into the evening and instead of 5 other instructors and 30 children, its just W and I, so we ended up skipping to bus home and walking west, towards safer streets. Turns out it was a wonderful hour stroll into the evening, and with the bugs yet to bust out their feasting, the warm evening was just wonderful. I loved it.

I will be out of town this weekend for an event that I do not feel like i am adequately prepared for affective wise, but there’s always a silver lining. This weekend calls for rain. Nice one, mother nature.

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