>This morning, I mowed an embarassingly gross lawn. I feel like it was a somewhat futile process, as in, what is the point of trying to take care of a lawn, when my parents think that watering the lawn is a non-essential (oh how Asian!). Anyways, it was gross, there’s a giant ant hill in the back which quickly became a nightmare, when my lawnmower cleaved it in half, causing a rather quick panic reaction considering that they communicate through chemical smells. That or the damage to their home was significant enough to freak out everyone immediately.

Fantastic day outside today, and what do I have? A midterm to study for. Egads! Nothing difficult, but I will be hitting Starbucks tonight with W to do some serious information processing. I am also in a dilemma- 128 GB SSD + i% Intel, or Free iPod/Printer/MacOSX……..difficult this task seems.

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