>there and back again

>A lot has happened in the last few weeks of my life, more than I would care to visit again.

For the first time in my university career, I find myself doubting my ability to establish some semblance of a future. I’ve just let myself go so much the last year. It really hit me just how irresponsible I can become without supervision. What really hits home for me, is that I really built up this idea that I was more than capable of self-regulating myself, as indicated from my work ethic, dedication and passion that I thought would drive me all the way to a glorious future.

Instead I find myself mostly repulsed by my inability to control myself when confronted with new situations and I realize just how full of hubris I had become. I need to pick up what I have thrown away in the last year. There’s so much, it feels so daunting.

I really hope I will have learned from this and that I won;t be in this situation again.

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