>I’m waiting at South Campus for some serious last minute bus ride home action. Its been a wonderful day and I’ve worked or been busy since the crack of dawn. Well if the crack of dawn started at nine am. I am getting fatter by the days, although my gym routine is still just as good, if not better than ever before. I’m pretty sure that at this moment I have clouded all senses of logic and am operating on a largely affective basis right now. I have no mental restraints and have not learned a thing since the holidays. I am charging forward, I am happy and I am having a damned good time right now. I also ate a delicious meal, largely a breakfast prepared at like nine pm. Interestingly enough, on top of the sausages (turkey!), hashbrowns and eggs, I had Hong Kong style noodles, which is actually a soup based on broth and macaroni (and actually came from a package not all to disimilar to your favorite typical Nong Shim instant ramen). I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing as Hong Kong styled breakfast. Neat. Also neat in how my stomach continues its lateral expansion. Whatever, I’m happy.

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