I had a really good night yesterday. As odd balled and frustrating things have been lately, I finally heard some words that I was really hoping to hear. Its nice. Lately I have been concentrating on two things- learning Cantonese and cooking. I have been learning random sporadic phrases and I am next to useless with it, but at least I am starting. The same would apply to cooking. Last week I cooked butter chicken, which turned out really well save for the sauce not being from scratch. The other night, we had breakfast foods for dinner- turkey sausage (9grams of fat versus 24 grams in the italian), eggs (which I destroyed terribly by being unable to make easy over, and I also left the sausage grease in the pan for flavor, but really it just made it gross), hash browns, and hong kong style noodles (actually really good). I had the hong kong style noodles again this morning before running back to school. It was good.

But last night I tried cooking soy sauce chicken with some thighs, and it was terrible. Way too salty and the chicken was dry when I pulled it out. I am having a hard time distinguishing cooked versus definitely overcooked from just eye balling. Hmm. I also made disgusting vegetables. The cool thing was that my friends were like all excited in class seeing me with food that wasn’t frozen corn with lean meat. Although I am a fatty these days, I am a happy fatty.

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