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This is disgusting. All six screens running EyeFinity some serious resolution sweetness! I would love to have a setup like this one day. You can buy it in configurations of 3 or 6 screens. Sick. I love CES 2010.

I was watching a video from Dan Savage, who often writes for a column “Savage Love” in SEE Magazine (well not just for SEE, but that’s where I read it). Its a column that often depicts commentaries/advice on GLBT issues, and I find it a pretty fascinating read, albeit sometimes rather crude. Dan often uses GLBT slang in an apparent comedic take that if hate words are used by the victims, the perpetrators can not use them to such hurtful extent anymore. Whether this is an effective take/method on combating GLBT discrimination, I am not sure, but I find it a great read most of the time. Anyways, I was watching a lecture Dan provided on his take of gay couples being denied the right to adopt foster children (which is apparently becoming an official policy in Florida) and he argued that there is no evidence supporting the fact that gay couples raise children worse than straight couples. If anything, he argues that these couples are more likely to raise these children better, because they can not accidentally file the paperwork for adoption, as opposed to accidentally having children in many straight relationships. I thought this raised an interesting point as to why there would be opposition to placing foster children into the homes of people who want to provide a better life for these children in misfortunate situations. I am not supporting either scenario due to my limited knowledge of GLBT vs. straight couple parenting, but I certainly do feel that Dan seems to provide some merit as to providing a supportive family for these children.

The Ady Gil was destroyed when its bow was sheered off by the whaling ship, Shonan Maru No. 2, which did not have any damage at all. If you watch the footage of the accident, you will see that the Ady Gil is ridiculously close to the Shonan Maru Np. 2 and that its rather stupid as to how they could possibly put the blame on the whaler ship, especially when the Ady Gil is one of the most technologically advanced ships in the world (apparently one of the fastest, having circumnavigated the world in record time under its previous moniker, the Earthrace). Now regardless of its technical superiority, the fact that its a much smaller and maneuverable ship in comparison to the whaler seems to point to the fact that this is the biggest waste of money for a cause that could be supported in better ways than some stupid TV footage for Animal Planet. Certainly it has made a hell front in terms of press, given they had spent a ridiculous $2.5 million on a boat, only to have it sink off the Antarctic. Not only did they sink the ship, but they also attempted to tow if from deep waters, had the line snap, and then sunk the vessel in much shallower waters, creating much more potential for environmental damage due to the fuel on board. Excellent job! It just seems that the $2.5 million could have been placed to better use. Yes they got their name out there. But to what purpose? I am not entirely convinced that people have become more than simply aware of their efforts, so much as disgusted by the gross usage of money for such a waste. I don’t know enough about whaling to say whether its worth fighting against (although certainly I could acknowledge that support for cetacean survival is not at all a bad cause), but I do think screwing a $2.5 million boat is just disgusting.

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