>Really Super Effing Tired


Not really looking forward tm morning. I need to workout before I goto work, and I also have a closing shift, which means the day just seems to go just a little longer. I’m a little worried that our Stollery fundraiser isn’t going to go well, and I’m like zonked out for energy. Just a small tidbit, I have found that while working out parts of my body that I don’t like, such as my abdominals, I can focus on other things, like flexing my bicep. I have found that there are muscle groups I am much more motivated/comfortable with that seem to make my crappy body parts move just a little more. I’m happy to say that my abdominal workout today was great.

I’m also really excited about the new Nokia N900 rover, which should be the next big step for Nokia. It will be a large step, not because of hardware, which they have always been great with, but rather, the software. They have always ran Symbian series operating system, which is a phone OS primarily/only. This is in comparison to many of the new OS out there, such as the Android platform Google has placed on many HTC handsets, or Apple’s wonderous OS on its iPhone. These are known as vertical oriented systems, where they are interconnceted with much more than just phones, and include multimedia, internet and so forth. Although Nokia’s handsets have been able to do such things, they haven’t been able to do them well. So to have their flagship upsurper to have Maemo (an operating system based on Linux) and to completely ditch the aging OS they have used for years (which was the biggest complaint of the Nokia N97, aside from its keyboard) this is a huge step. I am excited to see just what is around the corner, especially seeing how Web OS has completely changed Palm, after they ditched to old Palm OS.

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