>Good night


A better night than last night, albeit the retaliatory effects of Monday led me coming into work bitter and ready to bite. Soon after I had delicious coffee (Hazelnut cream!) which wasn't really coffee, but more like glorified hot chocolate. It was fantastic and thus I was happy again. I was probably just really tired. Schweet.

Yesterday I pumped some very solid military presses with the 75lb dumbbells (the kind where the weights are in full control and you feel the full extension with minimal thrusting). Fantastic. This was in comparison to my terrible form last week, so I really felt like I hit progress.

The new PlayStation 3 Slim was announced today with much fanfare. Up to 30% lighter/smaller, with lighter power consumption and an overall sexy look that screams "take me home!" it is nothing short of stellar. Add to the fact that its a full one hundred dollars cheaper (with the equivalent price cut to the current ps3, albeit I don't see why anyone would buy the fat one now), and I think Sony finally has a winner in its hands, enough to make the Microsoft/Nintendo powerhouse take caution. Super excited about this beast.

Mens Health just released an article(hello emailed on the bus sweetness) about common misconceptions in the gym. One startling one was that going slow is not required for the full repetition to build muscle. Instead, it is more efficient to go hard/fast on the upswing, and then slowly release on the downswing. Very surprising, given that so much momentum is used in a power thrust, it just doesn't seem as taxing to the body. I suppose this is the mentality for power lifters, whose goals are to simply lift as much as possible. I almost feel that thrusting as fast as possible with heavy weights also increases the chance of injury. Hmm.

Edit: I deleted the music embed code and replaced it with a youtube link on the side, so that there was both video and an option to play/not play the music. I love the music that I post, but not everybody feels it, so hope this helps!

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