>Flattering but Spectacularly Awkward

So today on a simple trip to the mall to grab some fish food and Bush’s Sixteen Stone album (Woo!) I was stopped randomly by a rather thin man with glasses. He pardoned himself and then beleaguered my mind with a series of questions including, but not limited to- You goto the gym a lot right? What’s your routine? What do you eat? Where do you goto the gym? What’s your name?

I was mostly taken aback by this, but at the same time I won’t lie that I was pleased that my efforts were being noticed by random strangers. His questions then became more pressing/personal- What do you do for a living? Where do you go school? Are you interested in working for a sports nutrition company? What’s your phone number?

It was all but flattering until I realized that I had given away a little more personal information than I was comfortable with to a completely unknown man. It was then I started to feel really awkward and a need to skiddadle out. Completely uninterested in working for some random supplement company, and mildly alarmed at providing my digits to men in the mall, I spouted some 7 digit lie, shook hands and walked away. I was quite happy with myself.

I became even more pleased after seeing a massive sale at a pet store, resulting in the purchase of a super sweet aquarium filter that is DEAD SILENT, and much better than the under gravel filter I have had previously for the past 5 years which drones on and on in the night (limiting my sleep like no other). It is amazingly void of noise in my room right now, aside from the chatter of the clocks as the night ticks away, pleading me to complete my deltoids workout before bedtime strikes.

I also purchased Bush’s Sixteen Stone album, a CD filled with some of my favorite Brit grunge hits. Little things, Everything Zen, Glycerine and others thrash aplenty in this long awaited album purchase.

Its an old album, but I love it to bits, and it easily sits on my list of fave albums. Gavin Rossdale’s unbelievable demeanor and gruff angry tone combined with killer guitar riffs make it a classic. It is unfortunate that the band has taken a turn as of late, and I can’t say I am a fan of his latest work, Wanderlust, a solo effort put out last summer.

I also applaud the internet for being such an important conveyor of information. I just found out one of my favorite artists, Sarah Slean, is coming to town! I stupidly missed her last concert after reading about it in SEE Magazine, three weeks after it had come and gone. I am determined not to miss this one. Sarah is both gorgeous AND talented. Swoon.

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  1. joey says:

    >DUDE WE HAVE TICKETS. WE ARE GOING. I INTEND TO FULLY SCREAM ‘an eaaaaaaar an eaaaaaaar’ DURING THE SCORE, AND ‘declined!!’ DURING LUCKY ME, just like they did in her Orphan Music album.YES!? YES!?!?!? ARE YOU WITH ME!?!?!Seriously though, next year let’s get better seats. I’ll monitor her website more often and I’ll try to get like front row or something, it’s going to be awesome. We’re noobs so we’re just going to like test the waters, but next year we’ll be like full force, and the year after that we’ll scoff at the noobs and the year after that she’ll have us as backup singers. W00T!

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