>Feeling Grumpy

I woke up today and my stomach feels like war right now. I don’t know what it is, but the left side of my abdominal area is in super pain and its uncomfortable. It does not help that all my extremities are absolutely freezing in this forsaken summer/winter weather. It is currently snowing outside and its absolutely lame. I am wearing multiple layers of clothing and its just plain depressing of a day.

This grumpiness is partially alleviated by the fact that I had steamed BBQ pork buns (hello comfort/favorite food!) for breakfast and have a wonderful mug of coffee beside me (mmmmm). I have an exciting day ahead of me- hunting for the new Green Day album, getting Light’s EP and then working out. My workout schedule is messed up for this week so I am somewhat irritated by it, but that’s ok, there were much better things that took priority over consistency at the gym.

I really need to go buy coffee too, I have been drinking instant for the past 4 weeks because I am incredibly lazy, and its been only alleviated by flavored creamers, in today’s case, hazelnut. It is a wonderful concoction of fat free high sugar flavor, that I try to regulate in small amounts so that I don’t have excessive amounts of sugar running amok in my body.

There are now leaked images of the new upcoming prosumer DSLR from Pentax, the K-7. It looks absolutely fantastic, the magnesium alloy shell and tank like construction seems to emanate from the stock photo. Every time I hold a Nikon D series, it makes the plastic build of the D90 feel so inadequate, especially with the much better rubber grip. The new Pentax seems to address the lack of a solid body in their lineup, currently being held with the K20 (a nice prosumer camera, but hardly the full magnesium body its competitors wear). It is nice to see that Pentax is still upping the game, and hasn’t given up yet. Although I don’t shoot Pentax, its always nice to have competition and choice for the consumers (the loss of Konica Minolta was pretty lame).

New Sony Alpha Models
Sony has just released three new DSLRs for the beginning/first foray into DSLR shooters. They are all ugly as sin. As much as I say that a foray into DSLRs is always rewarding regardless of model/make, Sony’s consistent ability to fail in high ISO tests have always held me in a slightly reserved attitude (for example detail loss/smearing). But the fact that they have managed to make a DSLR more ugly then the often touted “ugly as sin” Olympus e300 duck like DSLR is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t harp on them so much if it wasn’t the build quality that reminds me slightly of a shittier Rebel series camera. Have you ever held a Sony alpha or the kits lenses? Its appalling. Gross. I can’t really complain though, I am glad to see a valiant effort from another manufacturer to stay in the game and keep other DSLRs at a competitive edge.

Dong Bei Ren (东北人)
Blogger Beverly takes a look at the restaurant Dong Bei Ren (东北人) in Shanghai and it looks absolutely delicious! I love the glass noodles/pork/mushroom soup it looks so good! It probably is because its effing freezing right now in my room.

The wonderful color palate of dumplings also looks really appealing. I wonder if their innards are also different? Mmmmmm.

In other news, my stomach pain is gone! Now all I have to do is find something productive and leave my house.

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