>Oh Hi Jealousy

Huge thanks to Joey for landing me a pass to see SARAH SLEAN LIVE! WOOOOOOOOOO! I am super excited about this. I hope they let me bring my camera into the venue. I would love to try concert shots!

I have discovered a new rival to the Nixon Master Blaster headphones! The Audio Technica ATH-ESW(ES stands for Ear Suit, as this line of headphones was designed to not only sound amazing, but also look damn good). A step up from the metallic ES7s that were mentioned in a previous post, they are made of wood (Japanese cherry wood finish to be exact!) and lambskin earpads/leather head band. Un frickin real.

The Pentax K7 is now doing rounds in previews and it looks sweet. All the power of a prosumer DSLR, but with the size of an enthusiast level DSLR. Think of a Nikon D90 in full magnesium weather sealing. OMFG. It looks so hot with that DA Limited 15 mm prime.

DigitalCameraReviews hands on with Pentax K7

The Blackberry Storm 2 isn’t essentially official yet, but it pretty much is. The SurePress screen is gone- it wasn’t great even with the 10 minutes I spent with the first Storm, and replaced with a capacitive screen, like the iPhone’s screen, much better than the crappy resistive screens in a lot of touch phones right now. I am not a fan of a full touch phone though ,as the hard buttons have been replaced with soft keys (permanent spaces for button presses, like the Blackberry menu key, End and Send). Gross. I love hard buttons so much more. I am definitely intrigued by it, and excited that there is some serious competition heating up. I hope that RIM has fixed all the Storm’s shitty software quirks before releasing it though. It will be interesting to see how well it does, given the hot competition from the upcoming Palm Pre (unbelievable hype) and next gen iPhone. I don’t mention others like my fave Nokia N97 and the SE Idou, cause there just isn’t that much hype for them, especially with their price points (even though the hardware is hot, the sales dim compared to the release from Palm, RIM and Apple). I am definitely rooting for Nokia’s camp, with such things as the 5800 xpressmusic selling like hotcakes (200USD a few weeks ago?! I wish I was in on that deal from Dell.com).

Engadget hands on gallery with Blackberry Storm 2

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