>Slipping into Audio Bliss

Regina Spektor’s Begin to Hope was one of the best albums I listened to last year. I was listening to some of the mix CDs one of my colleagues had given to his kindergarten students, and amongst them was the song Fidelity. The tune caught me in the mind, just like Sara Slean’s “Desperate Measures” did when I was in my inspiration phase at Steep’s tea lounge years ago. A Russian descendant of Jewish heritage, she is based in the Bronx and New Jersey. Her musical talent results in each song having its own style, and although I can’t say I am an overall fan of her work (certainly not as much as say Gavin Rossdale’s or Karen O’s, albeit hardly a fair comparison), she has produced a few songs that just sound like perfection in my ears (if there was such a thing). Alas, she hasn’t produced anything really of late, except for a title for Prince Caspian.

Her singing style has been compared to fellow singer pianist Fiona Apple, whose own sultry smoky voice once tantalized the radio waves with “Criminal”. I would also just like to point out that she looks fantastic without a face caked with makeup. Her video for Fidelity can be found in the above YouTube link. Its something with the almost pleading lyrics that just gets to me:

I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind all this music

And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart

Although I really enjoyed the album, it never had as much impact on me as it did when the boys and I went to our cruise down to Mexico. After a bittersweet night of crushed happiness, we went to unwind on the cruise liner’s deck in the later hours, unwinding to cigar smoke and chilling beats.

I haven’t felt moved like that in a long time. It was just surreal- the warm ocean breeze, the sweet cigar smoke, the lingering feelings just hours old and the endless black Atlantic ocean ahead.

Regina Spektor’s Fidelity was just one of those songs that ties me to a surge of emotions, drowning me in a euphoria of past feelings. Audio heaven. I wish I was in the midst of the ocean again with the ocean breeze cooling off a gorgeous sunny day.

One other accomplishment from last year was the loss of 19.5 lbs of fat over the course of 4 weeks. This was done simply through a high fibre/high lean protein diet plus exercise. I will be attempting this again starting tm, with a reduction in sugars, carbohydrates and a greater intake of raw vegetables as before. With the loss of fat, greater water intake, and consistent exercise, the gains I am seeing in the gym will be much more visible. My end result will be that perfect tapered v line on my lats to my abdominals. I certainly have the strength, its now a matter of cutting down the excess fat.

I am currently doing a test run with a DAP I have been greatly interested in, the Samsung P3 in 16GB. The sound coming off this is like silken bliss. The treble just chimes in my ears, and bass rolls off with a refreshing punch. A splash of life compared to the neutral iPod Classic that had fueled my sonic fantasy as of late. I am literally sinking slowly into my own utopia, as the Regina shuts off the rest of the world.

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