>It is now 8:49am and as I sit and chill out the last few minutes before work in this park, it is snowing. Seriously. Wtf. This summer's weather is terrible. I should have gloves on.

The weekend looks so frickin lame. I have to do first aid training and it 8am-4pm for sat and sun. And the gym closes at 4pm. When I asked about this, it was no biggie for my work. Gah! I have a social life outside of work! Geeze. I am not being paid to take 16 hrs out of my own personal time for work training. What a waste of the long weekend.

Sijie and I hit the barbell press yesterday. After careful consideration I have now decided to focus more on technique and form, which should have been the first goal and not ridiculously high reps. If I am to chisel the body in, I will need to be much more diligent. I am also heavier now, which I would like to say is due to muscle gain, but I also know I'm chubbier too. Gah!

I need to go in. Its so effing cold.

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