>Having the most relaxing Friday afternoon

>I'm sitting in Telus Plaza food court right now in my super spiffy teachers clothes and my blackberry. I almost feel corporate businessman amongst all these workers. I feel like a chameleon blending into the background. If only they knew I wasn't one of them!

I'm totally satisfied right now. Being cheat Friday, I've settled on a Big Baja combo at TacoTime which is essentially just meat and cheese wrapped up. I also upgraded to large mexi fries and have an almsot finished Pepsi. The pop isn't really appealing to me though, thank goodness I have my trusty Sigg with me (and water fountains in the food court!) The lighting is nice, gorgeous ambient sunlight filtering through the glass. I feel perfect, just cool enough to relax.

I had a yoga session this morning which was actually really sweet. I felt really out of shape, or at least very inflexible. I am definitely thinking of grabbing a mat to perform a few stretches in the morning. I feel like its great for a quick exercise that can really push you.

I'm looking around at all these business people and its kind of disheartening to see so much unhealthy bodies. Clearly bad but convenient food choices abound around me. There are people who clearly shouldn't be eating some of the crap they sell here. I remember a classmate said it best. We were arguing the merit of TacoTime and her basis for eating it so much was that it was all lettuce. Well no it isn't! But the ignorance of the general populace revolves around the total oblivious nature of calories. Yes there is lettuce. But what else is there? Quick dissolving sugars in the tortilla, fatty ground beef, salty and fatty cheese and sour cream. Terrible components. And comboing that shit? Sugars and fried sugars. Nice. Once in awhile is ok. In a controlled setting. But people eat this stuff constantly, all the time. And its not even the fat/salt/sugar. Its the excess in calories they don't need. There ar two taco salads across from my table that are almost a third the size of the patrons head. Sigh.

Yesterday in shoulders I learned a new technique for forward raises. You take a light ten lb weight, grip it with just your thumb, hold it straight out and lift. Its unbelievable how much tension hits your delts. Only using your thumb really targets it, and takes away your forearm from jumping in to cheat. Love it.

I have to go now. Got things to do and gyms to hit.

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