>Long day and now conferences

>Recap of Wednesday;

Total fail.

I did not prepare myself well enough for the microscope lab. The problem was that I went into the lab a little too confident about my microscope abilities which were clearly lacking. I always forget my motto when teaching; the lesson plan should be able to teach somebody who has absolutely no background at all. Not only did I fail in this regard, I also emphasized too much on student oriented lessons. Literally it was all student, but no lessons. I have great rapport with the kids already, but they see me in a friend-friend manner not in a student-teacher way. Which prevents a sense of professionalism on my part.

On top of that, I also literally just talked for my regular streamed science 10 kids. Even just to off joke quickly lost the scope of the lesson. Which is unfortunate, cause I myself love delving into student lives and discovering what can make the lesson content relevant to them.

Right now I'm listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Deja Vu. Its so awesome I cannot believe how bad ass the guitar rifts are.

Fortunately I also managed to bench press my 205lbs at 64 reps plus some. Lovely! A few months ago, that was 130% of my body mass but I'm heavier now, about 7 lbs more. Its ok, I feel as lean and in shape as before. Just not as impressed with body mass percentage numbers. Also some of my students think I'm on steroids and another said my arm was bigger than her sister's head. The guys at the gym had a good laugh out of that one.

I have Teacher's conference today and tm. Should be fun. Either that or absolutely terrible, but it apparently is great for beginning teachers and terrible for high school science teachers. Yes!

Omg I love my coffee. I need it for today. Its an Irish Cream from Cookies by George. And its amazing. Teachers need coffee. And a mild tranquilizer to lessen the blow from obnoxious students.

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