>Better days

>So today I had a much better and productive lesson plan. It was with my Biology 10IB class, and the rapport was great and quite useful. I managed to get the kids finished on their labs and there was minimal trouble aside from broken glass and promises to write down student perpetrators names in my DONOTLIKE Diary. I had fun and I think the kids got the scope, but we will see when they hand in their worksheets next week. I feel confident that this will be a class where I can build some great experience and memories from.

I'm a little worried about tomorrow's Science 10 class. I haven't done enough prep work, so that will have to be the focus tonight. I have to run an open house tm as well for y school so that will kill some prep time for my Bio 10IBs on Friday. Honestly though I can't really complain, I have tons of time and I'm not solely devoting it to teaching. By the time I'm done at the gym, its usually almost a good few hours after I'm done at school. I can't seem to let go of old habits- like inefficiency and terrible planning. It should be ok, although I'm starting to wonder what sort of activities I should plan for cause lecture time seems to run by fast. Mind you I'm a day behind in the Bio 10IBs so that might not be a bad thing.

I'm a litte dissapointed with my performance in the gym today. I finished the required 64 rep schedule, but I realized about halfway through that I could bring the bar all the way down to my chest and I definitely have not been doing that lately. I probably have an inch to go normally and on bad days where I cheat badly, its a few inches. My conscious says do the right thing and drop the weights, but my ego wants me to stay at the same weight class. Speaking of dropping, today right behind me, some guy knocked the bar off the stand and the bar landed on some poor guys head. I realize that its crowded ridiculously but if there was enough weight that guy could have died. I think it was just 30 lbs both sides but still. It was kind of sick and crazy to think about it. I made sure Sijie spotted me well the whole session. I'm never doing six foot press without a spotter again.

Omg I'm so hungry.

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