>Is this summer wicked? Yes, yes it is.

>So this summer promises to be one of the best summers ever (knock on wood).
First; student teaching is awesome. I love it. Although there’s a lot more work involved than I thought would be, talking with some friends, we justified it, in the sense that it’s a job. No matter how much you love it, its still a job, so of course some work must be put in. Seriously, even though this term was brutal, it was worth it. I had one hell of a 3rd year. I got worked second term but whatever. I met some cool people this term, and definitely good memories.

Second; My jobs this summer kick ass. This is the first time I have actually went out and looked for a job instead of waiting one month into summer and suddenly realizing that I am lethargic. The Program Instructor job for the Inner City School Project is so awesome. I am so happy I got it. Like really happy. And Steeps? Hello wicked job number 2. And if Will’s there? Wow. Finally tutoring Social 30 and Mathematics 30? Hello experience. This is just going to be great. Plus I plan on doing some more volunteer stuff. Big Brohter Big Sister sounds pretty awesome and Habitat for Humanity was so wicked I am definitely going back. Albeit in warmer weather. (thank you Owen!)

Third; Hello GPA. Every year I seem to go just a little bit more. And in the end I never expect it. Last term I took some of the best/favorite courses ever (Hello Entomology!) Not to mention sing to my Entomology professor. Anyways, a great term. But this term? Wow. I had to work my ass off. I remember feeling like in 1st year again. Seriously there was that much work in it. This term was deemed to be my bad/if not worst term ever. Turns out not so much! Even though I got psychologically rocked this term, I worked my brains off. And if you remember a specific rant a few months ago, about some jerk that said “I heard Education courses were a joke”. Well loser, I actually DROPPED my GPA this term. But I still rocked. You know why? Because I freaked out all term and I do best when I freak out. Anyways, yeah, it dropped by GPA but I still ended up pwning this term. I don’t want to say my GPA because that would be loserish. I guess the reason I am posting this is that I have never been this high before. Honestly, I am so psyched about this. Seriously. I like screamed when I calculated my GPA.

Fourth; Hello weight loss. I’m trying to get a six pack/tone/not be fat anymore. And now I am at 148lbs. I’m running a lot more again (its hard to get back into my old routine) and working out a lot more. And Will has taught me some things to help me get cut. By the end of summer I want to be able to rip small marsupials up with my bare pinkies. Jokes. But really I cant wait. I love this. Ideally in one month- 140lbs.

Fifth;Hello NW-HD5. OMG. This is the coolest MP3 player ever. The stupid thing looks sort of cheap though in pictures. Like all over the internet. So i sort of gambled when I ebayed it. But it looks so cool in person. I love it. It like pwns my ipod. Amazing battery life, sound and size. It almost looks orange in the picture. But its red. A nice red. Seriously this thing rocks. I love this. Thanks to everybody who told me to get red. I love red. I am so happy. When I am happy, you are happy. You know it.

Sixth;Did I mention the two packs of cereal in my room? Namely Count Chocula and Nesquik? Yeah they are wicked good. Except for Nesquik. It sort of tastes like craptacular. But at least in the end I also have chocolate milk! Hello delicious breakfast.

And also- I can’t wait to get a haircut. After Miyuru got his “wolf cut”, I have been meaning to do something with my mop head, that i have had since um Grade 11? Yeah, 5 years. I think change is needed. As soon as I get to 140lbs, Will is coming to the “wolf man” and we both are going to see what style we can get. Also- This summer looks a little more lax on my parents side, so I might be able to go road tripping! Yeah. Hello freedom! Not that my parents are like oppressive. They just are a little overprotective. Like a lot.

Anyways, I have to do more lesson planning. And maybe run in this stupid freezing weather we have this long weekend. HAPPY EASTER.


Another also- Another Happy Birthday Will. Seriously man. You rock. I say that in the most heterosexual manner. Thanks for everything, and for being such a wicked friend.

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