>So Two Things


Well maybe several things. I just got back from Whyte and it was fun. Like fun that I haven’t had in awhile. We went to Julio’s and I saw some friends that I haven’t seen since this monster called University swallowed me into its black abyss. Anyways, we had some much needed talk, and some food that was actually good (one thing I realized was that even though its just an appetizer, it can be quite filling). And I even had a drink or so! Since I never drink, it was sort of fun getting all warm and tingly. I still don’t see the point of drinking until you throw up, but a drink here or there was still fun.

The first thing in my mind is that I seriously hate my cheeks. I hate them with such mad passion that I want to bash my head into a wall. Could it be so hard to lose weight in my cheeks? I know that running is good, but soemtimes I wonder if I ever will get rid of my chipmunk cheeks. When we took some pictures today, I realized how much more I hated them. I guess it seems like they will never leave me. There are bigger problems out there, but these darned cheeks are really bugging me.

Which brings me to my next point- I really hate my hair. This has to go. I hate the length. Will and I were suppposed to get haircuts when I hit 140 lbs, but now I really want to just shave it all off. I spiked it today, soemthing I have been doing for 5 years, but now I hate it. I loathe my hair. I figured if I cut it, my cheeks would stand out even more , so thats why I said 140lbs first, but….argh. The hair is just- not cool. I hate it. I want to have a nice clean look. That means I am dirty looking. Ohh Ellis bringing out the cuts on himself. If I burn myself, do I give myself props? Anyways, this has to go. Like really needs to be cut. Is that a mullet I see? Oh dear.

(speaking of mullets, we got a wicked picture of soembody’s mullet at Julio’s. Like freaking awesome mullet. If there ever was a wicked harstyle, its the mullet.)

So in terms of weight, I fluctuate between 148 and 151/2ish, so I would love to see in 30 days me at 140lbs. This running is all good, but I don’t think I am sticking hard enough to my plan. Its not like I gulp pop like mad, but I have it once every 2 weeks or so. It actually makes me sort of feel gross, which is great since getting over pop was one of my goals. But still, if its there I wont complain, its just I wont go out and buy one. Too bad my value meal came with one yesterday. Anyways, my point is that every bit counts, and so I will now ban all pop consumption period, and same for any other bad junk food. Again, its not like I eat it a lot, but I’d rather cut off all channels/ties. If you want to eat right, literally stay at home. Its so damned expensive to eat right when you are out.

Next on my list- people running. I went running the other day and some dick decided it would be a good idea not to move to the side. I was on the side. Do you want me on the road? Yes you. You are a dick. Thanks. Its not that hard, just move to the side, and both people are happy.

And finally- last week of teaching. I dunno if I am sad/happy. Happy, because this has been all work. It is boiling down to what a job is. No matter how much I love it, its still a job, and I am tired. So I am happy its coming to an end. But I am sad, because I have had such a great set of students and great teacher, and a great school to work with. Its been good. One of my friends Theresa, is an elementary teacher and she showed me her choir group today. She was like “I am going to miss them”. I think I am going to as well. I don’t want to let go. I dunno it seems like the same as when I left the last education class and I wanted to saty there. 😦

Lastly, here are some pics from tonight. I had a good night and I wish all the best to Kim. Have a safe trip back, work hard, and visit much. πŸ™‚
(in case you havent guessed- thats kim)

and here’s Theresa. She’s the teacher. I am envious. But in due time I shall be one too. :)The last time we were at Superstore? We need to have more outings.

Here’s Jodie. The coolest girl ever. Well not really. But pretty close. Actually….
Remember- Best Friend Forever! Not friend Jodie.

Of course we can’t forget Laine. Who actually is the coolest girl ever. Laine was one of the first people I met at bluenotes. Its been awhile, and its been pretty wicked. Good memories.

And Miranda. Who was totally happy tonight. Like really happy. I need to have more happy people like her. Yesterday’s excursion to Wendy’s was so depressing. We had 4 people eating EMO hamburgers (which I regret eating. The patties were grey, not brown) The freaking hamburgers were like crying. I bet Miranda would be wicked at Karaoke. We need to have one of those again. You remember karaoke everybody? Yeah I do.

And here’s Susan. Shes sort of like my like mom. Like Katie actually ha ha. Susan is like so smart. Soemtimes. She gives good advice. Like my mom. Werd. She’s also pretty sarcastic and can make you feel like a total reject.

Here’s another of Laine and Ben. Ben’s pretty cool. He could like break people in half. Actually Ben is a nice guy. Bu tht efirst time I met him I thought he was goign to kill me. He looked like, like the Punisher. When I wear that shirt, I look like…like a clown.

And Theresa and her man. Hes pretty nice. I just met him today, but yeah, nice guy.

And Susan’s guy. Hes also pretty cool. He talked to me about cameras last time. Therefore he is pretty cool. Also he like met her at college. Neat.

And Courtney and Miranda. Courtney is several months pregnant now, so they had some fun times “squishing” her belly and finding the baby when it kicked back. Sort of cool, but also sort of creepy. I did not partake in the “squishing”

come to think of it, that drinking sort of hit me on those pictures. i look redder than usual. wierd. remember that time I actually got a bit woozy and threw Jia into the fireplace? That was pretty neat. I still think drinking does not live up to the hype it has. Either that, or I am a retard. And also- Doris leaves in a week. BOOOOOO. This Friday is going to be wicked. Hopefulyl nothing happens like the last bonfire funtime activity with cars. Anyways that will be fun. Doris gone this summer. Like last one. Woooo. Thanks.

Oh and btw- I ate blue Jello pudding a week ago. I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile. It tasted sort of bad actually. Like fake. Plastic even. But it still had the aura of cotton candy. Come to think about it, I wonder how bad pudding is for you. There must be tons of sugar in it.

Oh and here’s what I ate. I don’t know what it was. It had chicken and tortilla shells. Pretty good. Better than the enchilada crap I had last time. I didn’t actually order it, but rather the waitress did. Which was sort of cool, cause I usually debate what I am going to get, and today was random and it worked out well.

Oh and I beat 53 fights in Tekken 4 in fight mode. My sister got 6 fights. I need like a medal or something. Or maybe a life. Like a life of cool. Like Iceman’s life. Not the Top Gun Iceman. The X-man. Ohhhhh speaking of, Will and me went to WARP 1 comics, and went nuts. I’m buying a 20 inch Gandalf action figure. You shoudl be proud of me. And Will is going to get some comic books. Me too. I want to buy Kabuki Circle of Blood. Which is the coolest comic ever. And also ha ha my username in a unmentionable website. Vicki you know it. πŸ˜›

We had fun. I miss you guys. Well, we know who we miss and who we dont. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, good night. Have a good Sunday morning. And a pleasant dream. Except for you.

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