>Ellis is so happy!

>I GOT MY JOB! Yeah! Omg! OMG! I am so happy! So officially I am now going to be a Program Instructor for the Edmonton Inner City School Project, which basically works with children from poverty based neighborhoods. Its both great to help these kids and an excellent experience. Omg. This is the best day ever. Also I am going to work as a supervisor at Steep’s tea house, which is just awesome. Its so nice in there, its such a wicked job/position. Omg. Omg. This is so great. This is so great I am going to go run now. Omg. I am going to go celebrate by getting new headphones. Omg.

Oh! And Good Luck on your finals everybody! All the best. Study hard, and pwn that crap. I can also set off the fire alarms if you need extra time.

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  1. Simon Wong says:

    >congrats dude!! I’m happy for you dude…

  2. >i’ve already said congrats, so here is a comment unrelated to your blogyou need a stop button for the music on your page.. i say please make a button.. i do like bush as much as the next person, but i am already listening to music 90 % of the time when i visit your pagei will pay you in cookies or tarts if you can do this… thank you…in other news.. i’m so screwed for examsssss

  3. alice cooper says:

    >Stop button? What si this madness. Next you will be asking me to be handing out money and maybe my life as well. Absolutely not. Actually i don’t think i can put one on. Hee hee. 😛

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