Phone and Camera thoughts

Of course while I am trying to prevent my friends and coworkers from thinking I am completely insane for supporting RIM in this terrible last few years (especially 2011), my Bold 9900 draws a JVM error and the operating system becomes corrupt. On top of that, editing my research stuff becomes this giant terrible thing because the Playbook has poor formatting in its web browser. Sigh. I’m currently installing a leaked beta OS onto the 9900 right now, since I had to wipe my phone. I might as well put the newest OS and try it out. Not impressed.

I also managed to wipe my sister’s old pictures when I installed Windows 7 on her computer. I was doing a hard drive Disc Cleanup when it offered to delete windows.old, which should mean that it will delete the old windows program files (in this case, windows Vista). This somehow managed to delete her old files too, which was awesome. And now I had to run Recuva (props for good free data recovery software) and she is going through the recovered files, seething her teeth at me. I thought she would like Windows 7, but I dont think she cares right now. Whoops!

Canon dropped the Powershot G1x the other day, much to my delight. I am unsure if I will get it, but the fact that they are pushing for a much different device than the mirrorless rage that is happening everywhere. This is my favorite camera, the bridge camera. Typically this is where innovation occurs the most, as it is very established on how a DSLR or mirrorless compact operates. Backing to my favorite release, the Sony Cybershot DSC-R1 which also had a full size APS-C sized sensor (but a much larger body that was as big as some DSLRs), this is the new large sensor bridge camera.

You can see the sensor size is much larger than that in its predecessor, the Canon G12 (1/1.7). It also manages to be larger than Nikons new 1 system (that I was disappointed about) and the 4/3 party. Its just 20% smaller than the APS-C sensors used in Canon’s DSLRs. So awesome. Although it doesnt have the fast lenses of the new wave of prosumer compacts  that are shooting f1.8 or f2.0, this is still pretty awesome. I am glad that Canon is pushing the envelope in new ranges. I’m really hoping Nikon will also follow suite, but I doubt it. They are too busy with their overpriced and underwhelming 1 system. (images courtesy of

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