This is basically what W is telling me. Stop taking protein. Stop working out. Stop going to the gym. Hahhhahah.

I remember big Ron from the gym, he used to be the envy of all the regular guys. The guy was jacked, like somebody straight out of Pumping Iron (Arnold’s muscle man documentary). Then one day he looked at us and said “Guys I’m done here, I’m not going to be huge anymore.” We were all shocked, cause he was basically the envy of everybody. Big and ripped, the man made everybody look like a pre-teenager who was just struggling to lift up their Speed StickĀ deodorant. He told us that the only guys that girls liked were normal average joe schmos, and if anything, guys who were lithe and athletic. Not giant and neanderthal. It was a shock for us, because that’s what Men’s Health had been saying all along- big forearms and shoulders to protect the lady from a would be robber! But no. No silverback gorilla physiques are really appreciated, except by other guys haha.

In the meantime, I am having so much fun lifting that I don’t think it will be anytime soon when I decide to drop weights. Woo! Sorry babe.


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